Zambia’s 15 MP is affected by Corona

Zambia's 15 MP is affected by CoronaAt least 15 members of parliament in the southern African country of Zambia have been infected with the coronavirus. In addition, 11 other members of the country’s parliament have also been infected. The country’s health minister Chitalu Chilufia said this on Friday.

A few days ago, a member of parliament died of coronavirus while undergoing treatment. The session was adjourned after the lawmaker died in Corona.

Earlier this month, the number of corona cases in the African country was 1,632, but now it has risen to 3,758. At the same time, there were only 30 deaths, but as of Friday, that number had risen to 137.

The debt-ridden South African country is the second largest producer of copper in the region. The country’s economy is in deep crisis due to the coronavirus epidemic. The country’s economy has shrunk by at least four percent since the epidemic began.

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