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Complete Guide: Yellow Or Red Ring Won’t Turn OFF on Alexa

Complete Guide: Yellow Or Red Ring Won’t Turn OFF on Alexa

It is always annoying to see your Alexa device flash an unfamiliar light, right?

Your heart spontaneously races at the sight of a new color. Particularly with a flashing red light, we become frightened.


When the device becomes unresponsive, you feel suddenly left without technology. It seems that you have been thrown back into the dark ages. 


Don’t worry. That would no longer be the case! Today, we’ll go over what Alexa Red Ring Or Alexa Yellow Ring is and how to fix it! Read on to learn more.


What Alexa Yellow Ring Is?


Alexa Yellow Ring In layman’s terms:


  • It represents a message waiting to be delivered, a reminder or a notification to be sent.


  • Besides the cheerful “bum, bum” alert tone, Alexa displays a flashing yellow light to alert you when a notification or a reminder is waiting for you. 


  • In other words, a warning alerts you to an upcoming event but doesn’t require immediate action. 


  • When you have Amazon notifications, a yellow ring or flashing light appears on your Alexa device.  With your Echo device linked to your Amazon account, it knows what products you’ve purchased from Amazon and will update you about the delivery.


  • When prompted, your device will tell you what you purchased and how your order is progressing. It will notify you when your products are ready for shipment, when they are in transit, and when they arrive. 


  • In most cases, each of these will be a separate notification. First, we want to let you know that your package is ready for dispatch. After the order has been dispatched, you are usually notified again.


  • Amazon Prime subscribers typically receive a notification on the day their orders are due to arrive. Upon delivery, you will receive a final notification. 


  • In addition to providing order updates, Alexa also alerts you to recommendations and offers. 


How To Disable The Alexa Yellow Ring?


  • Speaking to the device is the easiest way to get the yellow light out. 


  • To hear your Alexa Alerts, ask Alexa, “What notifications do I have?” or “What messages have I received?” Upon reading them, the yellow light will go out.


  • You can also check these notifications in the Alexa app or using the Echo Show’s touch interface. 


Manage The Shopping Notifications From Amazon:


Here is what you can do if you want to keep your shopping a secret or a surprise for someone. Also, you can turn off Mobile Notifications so that Alexa won’t clutter up your mobile device with notifications.  




  1. Access the Alexa app.
  2. Go to the Alexa app. 
  3. On the More screen, tap Settings > Device Settings > [your speaker name] > Communications 
  4. Toggle off Communications to disable it. These two rings are also most likely to flash – the yellow and green ones. And these won’t flash after this. 
  5. However, it will also disable Drop-Ins and Announcements, and it will still flash if anything goes wrong.
  6. (Drop-in feature enables you to speak to one Echo and it can help to broadcast the message). 


What Does Alexa Red Ring Represent On Alexa?


Alexa Red Ring: Here Are The Meanings:


  • A mysterious solid red light is another common and confusing Echo indicator. Usually, the red color has a negative connotation. The same is the case with Alexa. In most cases, when an Echo device shows a red light, it will not hear or understand you. 
  • Probably, the reason is someone pressed the microphone mute and/or camera off buttons.  
  • On the other hand, it could also indicate a broken or turned-off microphone. 
  • Until you turn the microphone back on, Alexa will not understand your commands.


Solid Red Ring On Alexa: 


  • An Alexa Red Ring indicates a muted microphone, or in the case of the Echo Show, it points that the camera is off. 
  • If the microphone and camera are both off, a solid band of red appears. It will take a few seconds before the light goes out, leaving an icon in the upper right corner of the screen indicating the microphone/camera is off. Upon pressing the mute button again, the red light should go out.


You spotted the red light, but someone did not press the mic mute button?


  • If this is the case, there is an error, such as an unstable connection or an issue with Alexa.
  • On the other hand, a red light on an Echo device with a camera means that you can not share videos.
  • If you have already verified that the microphone is working, continue reading the article to find out how to fix it. 


Quick And Easy Ways To Stop Alexa From Flashing Red Lights:


  • Most Echos have a top-mounted button which is easy to locate. Check, if the red ring disappears when you press it. Give Alexa a short voice command to make sure the Echo is working.


  • You may have a frozen Echo or similar issue if it will not respond to your microphone button regardless of how much effort you put into pressing it. You can reactivate your Echo by unplugging it, waiting a few seconds, and plugging it back in. Test the microphone button by using it.


  • Make sure that your device has a stable working Wi-Fi connection. As a result, Alexa sometimes fails to respond to commands or won’t turn off. Check whether the Echo is in range. You can try reconnecting the device after disconnecting it first. If you do not find the Wi-Fi working, Resetting your Wi-Fi router may help.


  • Next, inspect your Echo for physical damage. Occasionally or permanently, your microphone may shut off because of a dent or drop. In addition to external damage, getting the top of your Echo wet could cause this problem. When it comes to physical damage, you can not do much, but if you are not responsible, Amazon’s limited warranty may assist you. 


Wrapping It Up:


In addition to the methods discussed above, you can try updating the firmware of your device. Probably, a technical bug or a software glitch is causing Alexa Red Ring or Alexa yellow ring. Updating the firmware might help to resolve the issue.


Further, you can opt for a factory reset of the device. Upon the completion of this process, your device will restore itself to the factory defaults. Thus, can help you to get rid of the issue. 

Nevertheless, if Alexa Red Ring or Alexa Yellow Ring persists, feel free to contact the experts.

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