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10 Winter Clothing Hacks to Keep You Warm and Stylish

10 Winter Clothing Hacks to Keep You Warm and Stylish

Who does not love winter? However, it is always better to protect yourself from the bitter cold. Most people feel that they have to choose between fashion and trying to keep warm. Thus, this article will discuss some cold weather hacks through which you can style or purchase custom clothes that will keep you warm and enhance your style quotient.

Try Warming Up the Clothes

It is a nightmare to put on a cold t-shirt or sweater in chilly weather. Clothes often gather dampness during winter nights, and they can make you feel colder instead of warm and comfortable.

Thus, you can dry your dewy clothes with your hairdryer to warm them up, and then put them on. This hack is helpful, especially in bitterly cold weather. It makes things more tolerable.

 Wear Tights Under Jeans or a Dress

You can layer your clothes to stay warm in cold weather and make things fashionable. Whether your jeans are skinny or loose, you can wear a pair of tights under them.

It improves the level of comfort and warmth. You can walk long distances without worrying about rashes. Moreover, this hack allows you to wear your distressed jeans in winter without letting in any cold air.

Pair Up a Sweater With Your Dress

You can layer a cozy sweater over your dress to protect yourself from the bitter cold. Try to wear chunky or oversized sweaters or custom hoodies made of cashmere or alpaca. It will not only add warmth but also give you a chic look.

Wear a Turtleneck Under Your Dress

You can keep your neck and arms warm by wearing a turtleneck under your dress. This way, you can wear stylish dresses in the bitter cold without completely covering up. Try tugging your layers and pairing them with your favorite jeans. Through this, you can truly create a good mix that would look stylish.

Remove Sweater Pills

It is pretty common for sweaters to develop little fabric balls on them, also known as pills. Try to use a fabric shaver to remove the sweater pills. It makes your sweaters look sharp and new again.

You must possess a good fabric shaver to easily remove the pills, thereby restoring your excellent sweater collection. Apart from a fabric shaver, you can also use a disposable razor to remove the pills. 

Pair Up Your Socks with Flats

Leaving your feet exposed with bare ankles is unpleasant, especially if it is chilly outside. Try pairing your flats with socks to make you feel warm and give you a light, less chunky look. Before venturing out, dry your socks with a warm dryer, keeping your feet warm.

To keep yourself warm from the bitter cold, you can also try to wear hunting socks that can go up to your knees, providing you with the necessary warmth and protection. You may also notice that when you wear such thick socks, they tend to slip. This causes a lot of frustration in busy situations. In such cases, wear ankle socks underneath them to keep them in a proper place.

Create a Fusion with a Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is a must-have piece of clothing you should wear in winter. It not only gives a classic look but also provides you with warmth.

You can try to pair your summer clothes or a custom long-sleeve shirt with a leather jacket and create an entirely new outfit. You can also try to combine your favorite turtleneck, formal striped pants, and a black leather jacket to edge up your look.

Put Up Your Mittens and Scarf as Accessories

Wearing the same winter coat every day is dull. You can create a fashionable and warm look this winter by wearing your scarves, gloves, and hat as accessories. You can also sport a colorful beanie that can add a spot of color, creating an attractive look for the winter. Additionally, try adding a hat to keep your ears and head warm.

We also suggest you wear mittens instead of gloves as they look good and also keep skin-to-skin contact between the fingers, which helps to hold the warmth. You can also try to knit your mittens for the upcoming holiday season and sport it fashionably.

Ensure That Your Clothes are Weatherproofed

To keep yourself warm from the chilly winter, you must keep your clothes and custom clothing weatherproofed. Take your favorite boots to a shoe repair shop to get them weatherized and reheeled before winter. If necessary, apply a waterproofing spray to your raincoats.

On the first snowy or wet winter day, you don’t want to discover that your coat is not waterproof or that your shoe has a hole. You can also waterproof your shoes with the help of beeswax bars that you can rub directly, thereby keeping your shoes waterproof even in the coldest conditions.

Unshrink Your Sweater

Sweater shrinking is a common phenomenon. However, you would be glad to know that you can stretch natural fibers like alpaca and cashmere back to your standard size. However, synthetic fibers like polyester do not stretch.

It won’t be too bad or permanent if you notice your sweater shrinking. Try to stretch your sweater by filling a bathtub with soap and water and adding two tablespoons of fabric softener. Soak the shrunken sweater in it for 30 minutes, allowing the fibers to stretch. It is best to pull your sweaters as shrunk sweaters generally look pretty odd when you pair them up with t-shirts or turtle necks.

Summing Up

Winter is the season for warmth, fuzziness, and fashionable attire. Thus, you can follow the above clothing hacks to ensure that you feel warm and comfortable and look stylish. Try not to spend excessive amounts on just a coat or a pullover. Instead, try to mix and match a jacket or custom clothes with boots so that you get a chic look. We suggest having hot chocolate, styling yourself nicely, and enjoying the excellent snow.
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