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Why Laravel Framework Is The Right Backend for App Development?

Why Laravel Framework Is The Right Backend for App Development?

The backend of a mobile app is where the real magic happens. The success of an app depends on the reliability of the technology used to manage its data and back-end processes. 

That’s why the creators of Laravel created it. Laravel 5.4, the most recent release, maintains this ethos while adding useful new capabilities. Laravel’s pre-defined templates and the fact that it is a PHP-based framework mean that Mobile App Development can be completed more quickly.

The Laravel framework for backend app development may be used as the basis for developing apps for all major platforms, including Android, iOS, and the web. The streamlined development approach allows you to concentrate on the app’s features while continuously comparing them to user expectations.

The Benefits of Using the Laravel Framework

Around 63.5k Github stars show that the Laravel back-end development framework is well-liked by its user community. Laravel is distinguished from other frameworks by its predefined architecture and customizable back-end logic. For this reason, let’s examine the reasons why Laravel is the best back-end framework for Mobile App Development.

  • Size Variability Provided

It gives you a lot of leeway in terms of app size, with support for anything from native mobile apps to web apps built with Laravel. Because of this PHP functionality, Laravel can be used for both advanced and basic SPAs. Laravel applications, thanks to sophisticated caching techniques, may be readily scaled up or down to meet fluctuating business demands.

  • Gives Unit Testers More Options

Unit testing and feature testing are both available for the application inside the Laravel PHP development framework. The ability to test individual components, such as class models and controllers, is a key benefit of unit testing.

As a result, the development process becomes more adaptive and costs go down. It also makes it easier to include fresh aspects into the software and makes modifications easier to implement in the event that they become necessary in the future. Doesn’t this greatly aid the creation process? It’s self-evident that it is.

  • All documentation is comprehensive and easy to understand

For a successful rollout, you’ll need to be well-versed in all aspects of the framework’s development. Laravel’s popularity has resulted in a wealth of helpful documentation.

Many developers think that major developer communities, such as Github, provide more useful information about the Laravel PHP framework than the official documentation. In addition, this documentation is regularly updated to reflect any modifications or additions made to the system.

  • Vast Community of Skilled Programmers

Having access to a large community of developers is essential when deciding on a backend framework for software development. You’ll have more options when searching for fresh developers to work on your mobile or web app.

When trying to employ a Laravel developer, though, it’s crucial to prioritize quality and expertise above price. Laravel provides a specialized marketplace for finding and hiring Laravel programmers. 

The hourly rate for a Laravel developer might range from $15 to $30. However, these estimates might shift based on factors like the required level of developers’ prior expertise and the geographical location.

  • Dedicated Templating Engine – Blade

Most alternative PHP framework development choices have the issue that you can’t use regular PHP code in your views, which is a major limitation. In contrast, Laravel has a standalone templating engine called Blade, which delivers the views as standard PHP code.

All blade views are cached until the user deletes or modifies the cached version. The greatest benefits of using a blade are the ability to inherit templates and to divide code into pieces. This is useful for combining standard PHP with blade and for creating a readable syntax for the code.

  • Restful Routing

The CRUD paradigm is used by the Rest API, which makes it user-friendly for programmers of all skill levels. Since it simplifies route definition in the web page, over 83% of APIs now employ Rest for routing. Developer concerns about server security, scalability, and portability may all be addressed with the aid of the Rest API.

  • Solid Object-Relational Mapping

With its object-oriented approach to development, Laravel’s Eloquent ORM is a major selling feature for the framework. The programmer is spared the trouble of crafting standard SQL queries.

In addition, the ORM allows the user to declare the connection inside the model class. SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite are all supported. Additionally, with a well-implemented version of ActiveRecord, working with the database is simplified.

  • Instantaneous Fronts

The Laravel app development framework allows developers to convert a class to a facade on demand, making it easier to exclude unused features. These Facades, when required, transform into static proxies and help shape a syntax that is easy to remember, which in turn makes for easier testing and more versatility. Any class in an application may be used as a Laravel Facade by adding “Facades” to the class’s namespace during import.

  • Laravel Dusk

Using Laravel’s pre-built testing infrastructure to address common issues discovered during application development. So, the framework was made compatible with Laravel Dusk so that programmers could test the JavaScript parts of their Laravel projects without any hassle.

The developer may run page interaction tests without having to install selenium beforehand. Laravel Dusk’s ability to do automated browser tests and present findings in real time is a major benefit.

Applications of the Laravel Framework

Laravel’s flexibility is a major selling point for the framework, which has led to its widespread adoption by the development community for creating both mobile and online apps. 

The framework’s included tools are very helpful throughout the whole development process, from planning to actual implementation. Some of Laravel backend Framework’s most common applications are discuss here.

  • CMS Systems

Business reliance on apps for a variety of functions has grown as development technologies have advanced. One such instance is the growing need for customer relationship management software. For content management systems, Laravel is the framework of choice because to its flexibility and scalability.

  • Web-based Applications for Online Instruction

The rise in anxiety around COVID 19 has been a boon to the online education sector. With Laravel, programmers have the option of making their apps more interactive without sacrificing performance. Laravel is a very popular back-end framework, and you can find it in use by a wide variety of well-known educational platforms right now.

  • Online Discussion Forums

Laravel is the best suite for always-online apps because of its powerful ORM. The application’s smart data protocols allow it to operate normally despite being subject to a large volume of data and a large number of users. Users are able to easily share information with one another because to the platform’s streamlined data management system.

  • On-Demand Streaming Apps

No one can deny that on-demand streaming applications are the future of media consumption. The Laravel framework is the best option for the backend of any application that streams media on demand. Laravel provides a wealth of optional utilities to help with things like video streaming and maintaining an online presence.

  • Blog Hosting Service

Using a PHP framework like Laravel to build a blog platform may be a very satisfying project. This is so because the framework provides excellent routing features. In addition, it can be easily update as the number of users and the amount of data on the platform grows.


Even while Laravel is an excellent technology, it still takes the work of trained experts to get really remarkable results. Therefore, reputable Laravel development companies in USA should be sought out to provide Laravel development services.

Nikunj Shingala
Nikunj Shingala
Nikunj Shingala is a Co-founder of Webs Optimization Software Solution Company, a leading web & mobile app Development Company specializing in iOS and android app development.


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