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Where Discrimination Happens in Society

Where Discrimination Happens in Society

Discrimination or we can say inequality has been seen everywhere. People discriminate freely Without caring about the feeling of others. There are various types of discrimination at work that everyone is talking about like discrimination on the basis of race, caste, sex, pregnancy, religion, disability etc.

There is a regulatory body to handle every type of discrimination. For Example –

1. Civil Rights Act –

Discrimination on the basis of race, colour, religion, national origin, or sex is being handled by Civil Rights Act.

2. Pregnancy Discrimination Act –

Discrimination on the ground of pregnancy is being handled by Pregnancy Discrimination Act. Women fired for being pregnant are considered a crime. You cannot fire a woman, just because she is pregnant. You can offer her work from home or approve a long leave until she is back to the normal working stage.

3. The Equal Pay Act –

People reading this article won’t believe this but such type of act actually exists. This act ensures that women get equal pay corresponding to their male colleagues for the same task or designation.

4. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act

Old people should not be treated badly, just because of their Age. The age discrimination in Employment Act should ensure equality of work for old age workers.

5. The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act

Ability or disability is an act of god. All Disable people should be treated equally otherwise there is strict punishment against those who ill-treat such people. If people is disabled that doesn’t mean, he or they should be prohibited from doing any work.

Where Illegal Discrimination Happens

There are various places where discrimination happens. Let’s check out those in detail

At Work

The place where most of the discrimination takes place is work. Employers are responsible for every kind of discrimination in the workplace. A few examples of Discrimination in the workplace are Unfair dismissal, ill-treatment at the job, Passing over for promotion, unequal pay etc.

Job Search

While going for a job search, If you got rejected on the basis of race, sex or other protected status. For example, you got rejected for a job just because you belong to a restricted community.

Another example of discrimination is exempting females from the sales job.

At School –

You won’t believe it but discrimination has been seen in schools as well. Small innocents become victims of discrimination at schools. Can you believe it teachers have been seen doing discrimination against students?

At Home –

Parents have been seen doing discrimination between a boy child and a girl child. Discrimination among cousins is one example of home discrimination.

What should be done in case of the above discrimination

As we have already mentioned earlier that laws hold strict punishment against discrimination. Acts have already been formed considering the type of discrimination. But the law cannot do anything until you do not take a step further. It is recommendable to lodge a case against discrimination for the betterment of society.



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