What Types of Bird Supplies You Need to Shop

Pets bring so much joy and happiness in owners’ lives. They offer unconditional love, companionship, and they rely on people for optimum care. All animals need proper nutrition, bedding, entertainment, quality time with owners, and special care depending on their breed and health condition. There are several necessary bird supplies that every owner should have in the house. Some need to be purchased before getting the bird, while others along the way. In case of rabbits, chinchilla, guinea pigs, Timothy hay is necessary at all times.

What Bird Supplies to Buy

Some people believe that birds don’t have many requirements, because they spend most of the day inside the cage and they will be find hanging around. It is certainly not the case, because your feathered friend will develop a negative behavior if it doesn’t have the necessary bird supplies. If your pet gets depressed or anxious, you will observe how it starts plucking features, bites, or becomes very loud. Buying the proper cage from the start is essential and the rule is to get the largest one possible that fits in your home.

Your bird needs the extra space to move around, to spread wings, to climb, and if you have a smaller one, it should be able to fly inside. Don’t forget that you have to position other supplies inside the cage, such as food and water bowls, some toys, perches, ladders, swings, and such. This means you have to take into account all elements and make sure you buy the right one from the beginning. Toys are a necessity, because you have to offer your pet entertainment and help it focus its energy on something productive. There are so many amazing ones to choose from that you will not have any issues.

What Is Timothy Hay

In case you want to add a small furry friend in your home, you have to take into account all elements, especially nutrition. Hay is a vital component, and it needs to be integrated in the diet at all times. It has the right texture and nutrition to keep your small companion in good health. What is exactly Timothy hay ? It is a perennial grass native to Europe, but it increased its popularity due to the high number of pet owners. It is important to note that it is not the same as livestock hay, because it is finer, softer, and has a better taste. Small animals have a complex digestive system, and it is essential to provide the optimal nutritional value.

It is not necessary to grow it on your own or find someone who does, because you can easily find it in specialized pet shops. It is widely available, and you can purchase small or large bags, so you have enough around the house and not run out. Small animals spend a lot of time in the wild looking for food and nibbling, and they require plenty of fiber to keep their stools in great shape. Once you provide hay to your furry friend, you make sure it doesn’t put on extra weight, it doesn’t bloat, and keeps the digestive system in good health.

People that have multiple types of pets around the house need to make sure they have all the needed products at hand. If you happen to run out from some of them, you have to run to the store or place an online order and make sure you fill up the stock. Once you browse through an online shop, you can go through the diversity of  bird supplies  and get familiar with the necessary products. Besides food and seeds, you can include treats in their diet, to reward their behavior and keep them active and happy.

Vitamins and minerals are other popular bird supplies, if you want to make sure your feathered friend receives the best attention or in case the vet recommends taking them. It is always a good idea to have first aid kits around the house, you never know when you pet gets injured and knowing you can offer assistance right away is assuring. If you plan to bathe your bird, you can’t use regular cleaning products, you have to purchase some designed specifically for it, to avoid irritations, allergies, and other uncomfortable situations.

Choosing between bird supplies can be done while visiting a pet shop or looking for one online. There are certain situations that will indicate what products your pet requires. Food and toys are needed on a regular basis, because you have to offer your pet the right toys to substitute what they do in the wild. For instance, they need the bite, to climb, to forage, to speak to someone, and with the right products, you will help your feathered companion lead a happy and healthy life.

Where to Buy Hay


Looking after pets is a lot easier nowadays because you can discover a wide variety of products at dedicated pet shops. You can purchase all needed supplies at all times and have them in the house whenever needed. Some people prefer smaller pets, such as guinea pigs, rabbits, or chinchillas, because they are easier to look around for, they require less space, they are not noisy. Even so, they still have necessities and Timothy hay is one of the most important ones.

Timothy hay is highly recommended for such pets to improve dental health. Teeth grow throughout their life and they need to chew to wear them down. Overgrowing teeth is a problem and you have to seek medical assistance if you notice something out of the ordinary. The good news is that with hay and other chews, such as organic apple sticks, you can easily control the issue.

There are different types of Timothy hay, such as first, second, and third cuts. These indicate when the hay was harvested and the use for each kind. Based on your pet’s age and health conditions, you can eventually choose the right one. Always make sure you purchase hay from a trusted brand and from a certified pet shop.

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