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What to do about childcare over the summer

Finding reliable childcare and newborn help in London over the summer holidays is challenging in general. The COVID-19 pandemic has added a little bit more of an edge to finding help for working parents with children this summer.

So, what are your options?

Work from home (Highly unwelcome considering the difficult environment.)

Balancing working from home with childcare and home-schooling has been the norm for many since lockdown. Restrictions are starting to ease; however, it’s likely to remain the case over the summer. Even as home schooling might be over, is it really a viable option? You’re still expected to be ‘working’ from home, so it will probably come down to the age of your children and how self-sufficient they are.

Lean on family

Not many of us are in the enviable position of having extended family to help or able to help with childcare. If restrictions do ease and your family members are not available to help out over the whole summer, then consider part-time nanny services to help out when they’re not around.

Hire a temporary nanny

A nanny from the best nanny agency in UK will give you the reassurance of having an experienced child care professional in your home. Your child(ren) will enjoy one-to-one attention, fun and educational activities with someone who will quickly come to feel like a member of the family. The number of days and hours can be flexible according to your needs. What’s more, as the nanny is coming to you, you won’t have to organise your working day around dropping your child(ren) off and picking them up.

Share a temporary nanny (if you can agree on requirements)

Sharing a nanny with another family (now being allowed by the government) will give you all the benefits of hiring a nanny, at a fraction of the cost. Your child(ren) will still have the same level of care and attention, with the extra fun that comes with having other children around. This

works particularly well if the families know each other and have children of a similar age. The first hurdle families experience is agreeing (or not) on who’s the right nanny.

Hire an au pair (if they haven’t escaped the country)
Au pairs are a great, cost effective option, if you are able to track one down. They are not qualified childcare givers, but this is less of a concern if you are going to be at home. In return for accommodation, pocket-money and the cultural experience, an au pair will entertain your children, prepare their meals and do some cleaning and laundry. If you’re not too concerned about having a qualified child carer, a junior nanny or someone who is just starting out, could be a good alternative for you especially when employed from a top nanny and childcare agency myTamarin UK.

Book a summer camp (keep your fingers crossed they actually open)

Summer camps have been planned to open this year to ease the pressure off working parents. This initiative if you intend to use it might help take them out of your zone for a few hours. The risk of contracting covid 19 from contact cannot be left unaddressed though. It makes wanting an inhouse nanny a far better option.

At myTamarin, we have nannies in UK with different levels of experience available for temporary as well as permanent positions in childcare. All our nannies are fully vetted and our
pay-as-you-go model means we dont charge you an upfront fees! Sign up for care services this summer with us.

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