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What is WHM and Why Do Hosting Resellers Need it for Their Business?

What is WHM and Why Do Hosting Resellers Need it for Their Business?


With the evolving demand for web hosting services, the reseller hosting business has been getting a boom in the market. So, you, as a reseller, purchase the hosting plans or packages & resell them further to your end customers at your desired price while earning margin profit. Now, when you buy a reseller plan or package having Windows OS running at the server’s core, we call it a Windows Hosting Reseller plan or package. It can be a smart move to operate a Windows hosting business instead of Linux as you have to face less competition in the industry and can get the edge by acquiring Microsoft support. 

On the other hand, a top-notch & most reliable web host like Hostbillo provides the WHM tool with the Best Windows Reseller Hosting to make you do your reseller business with utmost ease and earn maximum business profitability. Through this guide, you will learn in detail about the incredible WHM tool & Hostbillo web hosting company rendering the top-class hosting plan at the cheapest cost pricing. Descend into the sections below in order to get all the insights. 

What is WHM?

WHM is an acronym for Web Host Manager. It serves as an administrative control tool. With the WHM (Web Host Manager), you get the authorization to administer & manage the back-end of various cPanel accounts. It is a kind of powerful program that makes it simpler for you to get access control of the backend of Plesk panel accounts under your Windows Hosting Reseller business. Further, it enables you to handle distinct accounts along with the set server-side limits. You can effectively & optimally do website management through the Web Host Manager. 

What Is the Importance of WHM for Hosting Resellers?

While employing WHM (Web Host Manager) tool with a Windows Reseller Hosting Plan, you attain the following excellent benefits-

High-Level Security for Websites

Under Windows Hosting Reseller, you can assign a unique Plesk panel to every website using WHM. Thus, in any case, if one domain gets failed, is interrupted, or is hacked, the other domains will not get any impact from the same. This helps you make your reseller business as well as your customers’ websites much more secure & safe. 

Much Better Management

Web Host Manager (WHM) gives you the ultimate power & control to keep an eye on every task & activity of the websites. You also get the ability to switch between the Plesk panel without any hassle & monitor any website in real time. Moreover, under the reseller hosting plan, you can easily adjust or modify the bandwidth & disk space you allocate to every account.

Reselling Hosting

With the help of WHM, you obtain the opportunity to monetize your web hosting by constructing as many new control panel accounts as you can that your potential buyers require. This allows you to advance your reseller business & generate considerable revenue.

Use of WHM Access in a Reseller Web Hosting Business

With the WHM (Web Host Manager) access, you can do the following things in your Windows Hosting Reseller business – 

  • Creation, deletion, and suspension of cPanel accounts
  • Managing and monitoring websites 
  • Resetting of passwords
  • Handling domains’ DNS zones
  • Configuring customers’ support requests 
  • Checking the web hosting server information & status
  • Constructing default page 
  • Customizing web hosting and control panel 
  • Modifying customers’ domain names & user names.
  • Switching between cPanel accounts 
  • Managing multiple backups
  • Handling SSL certificates
  • Transferring of files
  • Creating web hosting packages and much more. 

Get Free WHM Access with the Windows Reseller Hosting Package

As cited at the start, Hostbillo is a well-renowned web host on which you can easily rely to obtain the Best Windows Reseller Hosting. It is the industry-leading web hosting company that is highly famous for rendering the cheapest hosting reseller plans with free WHM access & high-grade hosting advantages. Hostbillo provides instant deployment along with the 7 days credit back assurance with all the plans to let you move forward under zero risk. Moreover, you acquire the mentioned beneficial features with Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting from the web hosting company – 

  • You get access to 100% SSD (Solid-State Drives) data storage for your reseller business. 
  • The company provides a 100% white-labeled system with all the packages of Windows Hosting Reseller. 
  • You obtain a website builder, Softculous one-click installer & SSL certificate free of cost. 
  • With unlimited domains, you can host unlimited websites.
  • The web hosting company also renders 99.90% uptime network assurance.


WHM (Web Host Manager) is a highly productive & profitable tool for administering as well as managing multiple websites simultaneously without any complication. Utilizing it under Windows Hosting Reseller lets you make use of incredible hosting features & high-grade benefits. The WHM brings you high-end functionalities to handle your customers’ & clients’ accounts effectively. Moreover, at Hostbillo web hosting company, you can obtain the most suitable & Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting plan for your reseller business. The company further offers seamless technical assistance, best-in-class services, cutting-edge web hosting facilities, and top-tier infrastructure. Visit the official website of the web hosting company right away to acquire insightful details about the leading Windows Reseller Hosting plans.

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