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What is Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting ?

In a word, web hosting is a place where websites are kept. The concept of web hosting is easy to understand if you take things step by step. A website is stored on a computer, in the same way that your personal files are stored on your home computer; The only big difference is that a “website storage computer” is connected to an extremely fast network so that visitors can display the website quickly and easily. The home website is the “computer which is known as the server” (because they serve information to visitors), and the server that maintains the company, which is called a “host” it is usually from a home for different sites and servers.

Of course, web servers also need to be protected, software must be installed and updated, internet connections must be established, optimized, secured and monitored, and clients will be assisted as needed. So web hosting is not only associated with providing computer to house websites; It involves all of those other technical and support functions.

It is certainly possible to host a website from your home or office without the help of a web host. However, it is a somewhat complicated process and requires constant attention to ensure that the website will remain available, and in most cases the speed and performance of the website will not stop coming to one that is located on a webhost’s server. Therefore, almost all individuals and businesses with websites use web hosting services.

Different types of hosting:

Free Hosting:
There are some hosting companies that will let you use hosting for free. But there are some limitations such as Bandwidth / Monthly Traffic is very low. Security is not tight. You will not receive any domain names.

Shared Hosting:
This hosting is the most popular and prevalent. The hosting that we are using or the hosting that is usually offered by hosting providers is all shared hosting. A professional or a self-contained server on a large site needs a certain amount of service. Bringing all these benefits to your own server becomes quite expensive. Shared Hosting is suitable for them. The security of this server is low because there are many client sites (starting from 10 and more) together. Besides, you will not get unlimited database, email, bandwidth, all are limited. Hosting with a very good hosting provider can get you the maximum benefits in a shared hosting package.

Reseller Hosting:
This hosting is basically a virtual hosting account created by letting others buy and sell some things in your space. Usually reseller companies offering hosting equipment offer your own “to make it easier to present yourself as a hosting company,” set up with an online system and manage each client’s account on the server, in your own name your bill client, and it allows you to really host them Are displayed.

Dedicated Hosting:
This hosting requires a dedicated server. It is very expensive. This hosting can be done if your website is very large and needs strict security. Here you will find the amount of hardware you cost. The busier the site, the more powerful the hardware. There are 2 types of this hosting

Managed Hosting: Hosting providers will do everything such as security, server setup, network configuration, installing any software, etc. They have to pay a certain amount for it.

Unmanaged Hosting: If you are a server administrator, that is, if you can do all the work yourself on this web server, then it will be Unmanaged Hosting. This will save you a lot of money. Server management can be learned. There are thousands of tutorials on the web, if you want you can learn and run your own work.

VPS (Vertual Private Server) Hosting:
VPS hosting is between shared and dedicated hosting. All the hardware resources on the dedicated server will be given to you alone and your site will be on one server. And there will be thousands more sites with your site in shared hosting. The details are above. In VPS hosting, a dedicated server usually shares a few. For example, a server with 16 GB of RAM gives you 4 GB and the rest is given to 3 more people thus sharing / limiting all the resources. Any software can be installed just like a dedicated server. Usually you will take such hosting package when you do not need all the resources of a dedicated server, then the work is also to save some money.

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