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Ways to Turn on a Man & Arouse Him

Ways to Turn on a Man & Arouse Him

It is a widespread belief that men are ever ready for some action in bed. However, that is not the case, and men may not be in the mood sometimes due to a number of reasons. More than that, men also need some love and pampering to feel needed and loved. Here women should step in and make efforts to help sexual arousal in men. This blog will provide a guide on how to arouse men. These tricks work on most men, and if the issue persists, you should find a sexologist near me on maps for further help.

Men might be a little easier to get in the mood, but you should know your ways. Touching the penis straight away might not be the only way to arouse your man. There are other trigger points and ways to make sexual arousal happen in men, and we will discuss those in detail below:

Set the mood 

Work on the ambiance and get the vibe right. You can choose to light up candles, have flowers, and make the room smell good. These may not always be an option and for some, if you have a busy schedule getting home on time will make a difference. You can plan it by being early, cooking something your man will relish, and heading to the bedroom early after that will signal there is something more waiting. 

Hot massage 

No one will refuse a hot massage after a long tiring day. Offer your guy a massage with hot oil and slather him with oil. It will help him relax and turn him on. While giving him the massage, you can get easy by removing your clothes. Rest assured, he will not be able to resist thereafter. 

Get to the point 

Guessing the needs might not be a strong suit for men. To save some time, get to the point, and start talking with your man. Tell him all the things you want and all the things you would do for him. It will get things moving and raise expectations. Although visual stimulation works better for men, at times talking about things might work better. 

Kiss your way through 

Having the right mood set, start kissing your guy. Do it passionately and give longer kisses. It is bound to make him feel good and yearn for more after that. Sounds simple, yet an effective tool to arouse men. 

Give him the best time 

 Spend some time caressing and cuddling him. Focus on his likes and what he loves the most. You can ask him and do what he tells you to, or you could try different things and notice his reactions. Touch him at different parts before making the way to the penis. Make sure he is aroused enough before going in for a penis. Once there, give him the best oral sex. To do it even better, you might educate yourself first and try those techniques on him.  

Demand for it 

There is nothing more exciting for men than a woman who knows what she needs. Clearly communicate your needs and ask for what you want exactly word by word. Talking about it will be enough sexual arousal for most men. When at it, make sure to keep it going and try telling him what you want for how long and add all the details you can. Not only it arouses the guy, but you will enjoy the best time. 

Watch porn

\ Set the mood by agreeing to watch the erotic content together. Watching a porn movie together will excite both of you, and there is no harm in going via this route once in a while. You should beware of the difference between porn and reality and only use it for fun. Some men watch porn excessively and end up with sexual dysfunctions, and one might need to find a sexologist near you to resolve the problem. 

Keep the lights on 

 Most couples prefer having sexual intimacy with lights turned off. It is your convenience and choice. Once in a while, to arouse the men, keep the lights on. Light the candles, wear your lingerie and give him a massage or carry on with the foreplay. Don’t be shy, and be confident with your body. Your man will love you for what you are, and at times you don’t need to hide. 

Work on the erogenous zones  

The penis is not the only erogenous zone in the man, and you can work on others to excite him differently. You can try and work some magic on the lower stomach closer to the genital area. Only make sure to do it when he has an empty bladder. Try touching his inner arms and inner wrists once in a while. It depicts you are in the mood and can be pleasurable for him. Inner knees and outer thighs are other options you can pay attention to. Often neglected, these have several nerve endings that can help sexual arousal in men. The ears are another neglected erogenous zone. Many men claim instant arousal when a woman nibbles their ears. Try playing with hair and the back of the neck to express your love. You can also give special attention to the foreskin and base of the shaft for instant reaction. 

While these tips should answer how to arouse men, try a few for yourself to witness the arousal. If your man cannot react to your efforts and there is a deeper problem, you should help him find a sexologist near you. 

Bottom Line

You should put in extra effort to make sexual arousal in men happen steadily, and it will multiply the pleasure for both partners. Do not treat it as a chore, and give ample time to please your man, after all, he deserves some undivided love and attention too. Use these tips to answer how to arouse men and enjoy the aftereffects.



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