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Vastu Correction Without Demolition

Vastu Correction Without Demolition: A Complete Guide to the Basics & Beyond

It is a big myth that it requires the demolition of the entire home to make it compliant with Vastu. Vastu correction without demolition is possible. You can do house correction without demolishing your house. In about 75% of the existing houses or businesses, there is no need for Major demolition, and it does not require any reconstruction for house improvement, house correction, or ma

king an existing building, according to Vastu.

Not many of us have the liberty to make many changes in our homes to follow the Vastu rules. But you can do Vastu correction without demolition of your home if you cannot change it entirely. Changes in the cabin or rooms through the interiors of the house can be done for Vastu correction without demolition or removing Vastu dosh.

Top the following ways for Vastu correction without demolition:

  • Apply harmonious colors
  • Change the furniture placements
  • Use regulators
  • Apply Vastu Shastra remedies

Every Vastu remedy lets you convert your working space or apply for home correction or home improvement in a particular order. Vastu helps set the cosmic energy between the home and the people living in it. Creating a balanced rhythm in the home’s atmosphere is also helpful.

Basics of House Vastu 

Many of us do not know that Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science that originates from the Vedas. It gives out rules for the proper construction of a house or office building. So there is house Vastu, Office Vastu, and many other types of Vastu basics and principles. Vastu basics define the building of homes in sync with natural forces. House Vastu lets you build a home in complete harmony with natural forces, bringing prosperity, good thought, and health to the family members. Certain house Vastu basics are considered correct for the development and building of the house.

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Vastu Principles and Basics: House Vastu 

  • The people who are planning to buy a plot should get one that is in the Southwest and West direction. It is considered to be advantageous.
  • A plot that is in a proper shape, like a square or rectangle, is considered to be better than one that is an inner irregular shape.
  • The plot should be taken in a way that is towards the north and the East.
  • A plot that has a mango or Jamun tree is not considered to be auspicious as against a peepal tree on the west side towards some distance to be encouraging, and the same goes with an imli tree in the Southwest.
  • A house that has plants of anar, Ashok, Chandan, Champa, and Chameli, Gulab is considered auspicious.
  • When the house is being built, ensure it is in an open space- higher on the south and Westside, and lower on the east and Northside.
  • The height of the house’s first floor should be less than the ground floor. There should not be a store room on the first floor, and try to prepare the first floor on the Southwest side.
  • In case you have a big house and want a guest room in the house, try to make it in the Northwest or northeast direction.
  • The width of the door of the house must be half of its height.
  • Paintings and statues also plain an important role. Avoid having pictures that depict war or violence, or any negativity in the house.
  • Living Room: East, north, and North East.
  • Yellow, white, and pink are the ideal colors to be used in the study room.

Common mistakes in House Vastu 

To turn your house into a home, you need to do many things, such as settle the things and the ambiance and combine them to give harmony and energy in their surroundings. In Hindu culture, this term is referred to as Vastu Shastra. According to it, all the elements are combined, and if there is any disturbance among them, it may lead to adverse effects on the house’s occupants. So if you are building your house, these are the common mistakes in Vastu that you should avoid.

  • Mistakes in Vastu- using dark colors.

The kind of colors you choose for your house has a big impact on the behavior of the occupants, whether you are aware of it or not. They can break or make your mood. So you should avoid using dark colors. It is better to use colors like blue, white, and dark green and avoid shades like red and grey. For those who like the color break, paint one wall in dark color and let others have a light shade.

  • mistakes in Vastu- using thorny plants

Not just plants, anything related to thoughts should be avoided, as per Vastu. Avoid plants like cacti, plants with red flowers, and bonsai trees. Avoid placing potted plants in the North East of the house. Even the north and East walls should not have these. Instead, use something like basil or money plants because they bring prosperity and wealth.

  • mistakes in Vastu- using the wrong bed cover

Vastu Define the correct direction for everything in the home. For example, the direction of your bed and your sleeping position should not be in the North of the house because it is said to bring bad dreams or negative vibes.

  • Mistakes in Vastu- using overhead beams.

Exposed beams are not recommended, according to Vastu. This leave-in a negative impact which leads to arguments and disagreement among the family members. Do not remove them it list avoid sitting under them. You can use fake ceilings to mask these beams.

  • Mistakes in Vastu- cluttering the bedroom.

Cluttering is considered to be a chaotic thing, according to Vastu. The bedroom is the area where you find peace, so Vastu believes that the cluttering of things around the bed and sitting area gives negative Vibes.

  • Mistakes in Vastu- using the wrong water elements.

You should only go for the water elements in the Northern corners of your house. You can build a washroom, place Water bottles, or keep a water purifier in this corner.

  • Mistakes in Vastu- wrong mirror and bed placement

According to Vastu, mirrors can inter your sleep. It is better to keep the mirrors away from the normal side, like the bed. This removes all the negative energy in the room.

Vastu Shops

Looking for shops to correct house Vastu? Here are some shops that repair houses for you, along with the products that you should use to correct Vastu for your home.

  • Three-tier tortoise for your well-being: it is on, my Pooja box, plus value, and many other shops.
  • Peacock feathers for positive Vibes: Get Amazon,, Flipkart, and many others.
  • Crystal tortoise on a plate for bond and emotional well-being: Get it on plus value, trucrystals India, Swarovski India, and many others.
  • Attract wealth with flowers and water
  • Wind chimes for harmony and happiness
  • Buddha statues for pushing out negativity
  • Arowana fish statues: Get it on plus value, my Pooja box,, city. in, and many others.
  • Fish aquariums
  • Feng shui elephant with a frog for power, success, and affluence: Get it on my Pooja box, plus value, Amazon, and many others.
  • Ghumati chakra
  • Horseshoe amulet: Get it on fabled street, tips fly, four seven, and many others
  • Elephant with tortoise: Get on anesthesia, my Pooja box, and many others.
  • Flowing water fountain for good luck in your home: Get it on wallMantra, home center, gray look, and many others.
  • There are other Vastu decorative items for your home, such as plants, paintings, mirrors, water features, curtains, and lights. Green plants also help in better health for the members.

You can also paint with greenery and scenery to keep your house balanced. Place the mirror facing east or north and avoid them in the bedroom, as mentioned before. It is said that water elements attract positive Vibes and remove tension and stress from your place. Add a small aquarium or a fountain in your living room. Use Softlight to give positive Vibes and peace in the house and ensure abundant light in the living room.



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