Uterine tumors and what to do

Fibroids or myomas are the most common tumors in the uterus at the reproductive age of women. This tumor caused excessive and abnormal growth of uterine muscles.
In this regard, the Dhaka Medical College Hospital, gynecologist and obstetrician. Dina Laila Hossain gave detailed information and various suggestions.
About 20 percent of women over the age of 30 suffer from this problem. Fibroids are a type of benign tumor, not cancerous or dangerous. However, due to two problems need proper treatment. One. This can lead to excessive menstruation and pain and anemia. Two. It considered as one of the leading causes of infertility.
This tumor may be present without any symptoms. In most cases, it detected when an ultrasound done with another problem. The tumor causes pain in the lower abdomen. If it is too big in shape, it must treated. Usually the chances of medical treatment are less. Then we use a drug. But the patient must come to us. Must see to experiment. However, in most cases, when menstruation stops, they merge with the uterus alone.
One wants to know if the uterus returns to its previous position after a normal delivery. During pregnancy, women’s body undergoes various changes. Affects all parts of the body. After childbirth the uterus slowly returns to its place. Because you have to open the cervix to have a baby. Then at some point the child will be born. Then gradually it will stop. Many times during delivery the cervix is ​​fractured and remains. However, there will be no other problem.
Having a period of 14 or 40 days means it is irregular. Newlyweds have problems taking irregular or emergency pills. But first of all you have to know that you are taking contraception, whether it is being taken properly or not. Must take regular pills.
There are 21, 24 and 28 day pills. He has to take the pill accordingly. If there is gynecological cancer. In that case you have to go to the gynecologist for treatment (operation).

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