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Types of Mobile Skins and Cases offered

Types of Mobile Skins and Cases offered by Stickover Electronics That You Must Know

We all will agree that nowadays one of our most prized possessions is our phones. It is so important to us that if given a choice we may remain without food for one day but not without mobile phones. This is one of the reasons why we are always so keen on keeping our phones protected using mobile skins and cases. Now, have you ever thought about what exactly is mobile skin and what the difference between mobile skin and mobile case is?

What is Mobile Skin?

Skin, unlike mobile cases, is better equipped to fit the sleekness of your phone’s structure. The best part about skins is that they are not meant to add any kind of bulk to your phone and with high-quality mobile skin makers such as Stickover Electronics, you can find the best skins for your mobile phones. We ensure to make nothing but the best kind of skins for all your mobile phones. These skins are extremely easy to apply, go easy on your pocket, and are long-lasting. Skins manufactured by stickover electronics do not add bulk to your mobile phones and rather provide a sense of style and shape.

Uses of Mobile Skin and Cases

Below mentioned are some of the most important uses of Mobile skins:-


A well-designed skin is always known to provide huge protection to your phone from the most common and at the same time from the most difficult kinds of scratches. There is absolutely no space present between the phone and the skin for the dust to come in between, therefore till the time you are using skin for your mobile phone, your phone will remain absolutely protected. But, one thing that mobile skin cannot protect your mobile against is the damage from falling down. For this, you need to switch to the skins that come with an additional grip.

Style and Function:-

This one is more taken care of by a mobile case. Mobile cases these days come in different kinds of designs and themes. They come in all kinds of accessibility options. The material that we use at Stickover electronics is of supreme quality and helps you to carry your phones in a better and more convenient way. Also, in case you want to maintain the sleekness of your phone while using the case, then please opt for a thinner case.

This was all about function. Now, if we talk about style skins provide you with a win-win situation. The materials that we use for the mobile skins make it extremely easy to apply and remove the same without leaving a residue. We ensure that the kinds of skins we use are perfect for your mobile phones

Types of Mobile Skins


Phone Skins:-

Nowadays the new in and the new trendsetter in the case of mobile phones are the mobile skins. They are the most trending ways. Mobile skins are very much capable of making your mobile device look elegant yet trendy. In addition to this protection from dust, insect, and damage is also an added advantage for using skins for your mobile phones. Most of the time these mobile skins are made up of vinyl with some glossy texture. They are extremely inexpensive and hence are easily affordable. We at stick over electronics provide mobile skins of supreme quality.

Hard Phone Cases:-

If we try to define what exactly is a hard phone case. It is more of a solid structure that covers your phone and most of the time is different for different phone models. It is known to cover phones from all sides. These cases are available in various different kinds of varieties, colors, and finish. We at Stickover Electronics are also known to provide you with personalized and tailored mobile skins. The major function of a hard Phone is to provide overall protection to the phone. Apart from so many benefits of using hard cases, there are a few costs as well. The cases being hard sometimes can develop cracks on the phone screens when dropped.

Silicone Phone Cases:-

Many people are familiar with the very onset of smartphones. These kinds of cases are very light in weight and have a soothing touch. Silicone Phone cases are also meant to be resistant to fingerprints and other impurities. But, that feature does not last very long and hence they need cleaning from time to time.

Tough Phone Cases:-

These kinds of cases are more durable in comparison to any other cases. And are a better choice for people working in industries such as construction business etc. They may consist of some extra strong casing to provide even better protection. Owing to these factors many times it happens that these are bulkier than any other cases.


At Stickover electronics we aim to provide you with the best quality mobile skins.



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