Trump’s former economic adviser leaked corona,s horrific information

The whole world is pretty sure about the Corona virus issue starting from Wuhan, China. But this time another exciting information was found. Former US economic adviser Thomas Phillips said US President Donald Trump had been warned about the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) three months before it hit China.

He made the remarks in an interview with CNN. Economist Thomas Phillips claims that Donald Trump was warned in September 2019 when the whole world could not fathom the horrors of the novel coronavirus.

Thomas Phillips said top US economists had also submitted a 41-page report to the White House outlining the threat of an epidemic. It also called for precautionary measures. However, the Trump administration ignored the economists’ report. Donald Trump himself did not want to give importance.

In an interview, Thomas Phillipson said the 41-page report also raised fears that the epidemic could kill half a million people in the United States. They also said that the economic damage caused by the epidemic in the United States will be 3.69 trillion US dollars.

He added that the US president was not alone, and that top officials in the Trump administration were aware of the CEA’s report.

Thomas Phillipson has been acting chairman of the Trump Administration’s Council of Economic Advisors (CEA) for three years. He resigned from his post last June and returned to teaching at the University of Chicago.

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