Tools Do You Need to Be a Film Grip


As a grip, it’s your responsibility to manage the lighting and rigging job on the set. You’ll found out, take down, move and adjust dollies and cranes and can even be liable for the non-electrical side of modifying the lighting. A grip’s work is significant to the flow of production, which is why it’s so important for you to possess a full set of tools that will keep you working smoothly, efficiently, and safely.

The following are the essential tools by Grip Truck Rental you want to have as an edge, and proposals for extra items you would possibly want to feature to your toolset as you’re employed toward becoming knowledgeable grip.

What sort of gloves do you need to work?

You should have a pair of durable work gloves to protect your hands while adjusting lighting that is hot, building a rig for the camera, or any number of duties that could come your way.  Leather gloves work best here, though in some circumstances when you are doing an outdoor shoot in the winter, you might also want to have a pair of best quality fleece gloves.

It good to get a couple of pairs of gloves to use for different circumstances or different seasons.

What type of wrenches do grips need most?

A crescent wrench is one of the tools that you will most find on the set, particularly when you’re rigging or setting up lamps. You also find that a more specialized wrench, a lighting wrench specially designed to work with stage lighting, might come in handy. A lighting wrench through Grip Truck Rental also looks very professional when attached to your belt. At this time, always make sure that you have got your tools like a wrench, knife, and flashlight to prevent people from getting hurt.

What kind of gaffer tape do I need?

Yes, it’s called gaffer tape, and you should always have some on hand as a grip. Gapper tape comes in different colors, from matte black to fluorescent orange and green-screen. Matter Black color is the most common type used in 2-inch size. A light colored 1inch roll of gaffer tape roll that you can label easily is also very useful.

What kind of flashlights works best?

If you don’t own an LED Flashlight, you might not be familiar with its advantages. As solid-state lights, LEDs do not have filaments that can expand, contract, and burn out. LED Lights by Lighting And Grip Rental Los Angeles are focused directional light so the beam goes directly where you aim it during the film production process. LED Flashlights also have a very good battery life and produce an ample amount of light during the shoot.

Even, they give you varying degrees of brightness that help increase battery life. Some companies designed them with rugged housings that hold up well to constant, professional video production use. But despite its benefits, it’s a great idea to have at least two LED Flashlights in your kit since you just never know when you might lose one of the battery will let you down.

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