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The way employees should be careful

Various offices and businesses have been open since May 31 after a six-day general holiday. The government decided to open a limited number of offices from May 31 to June 15 in compliance with the health rules. Therefore, as the general holiday period has ended, the secretariat, office and bankpara are returning to normalcy. Now I have to go back to work. Public transport has also been introduced.

So it is important to follow some precautions to avoid corona before going out on the road. E.g.

1. Be sure to use a mask before going out on the street. It is very important to wear it before going to work. You can stay safe if you don’t have dirty hands. Besides, even if someone is infected with corona, he will not be afraid of infection from sneezing and coughing.

Experts say that wearing a mask is not enough. It is also important to know the usage rules. They say that if you wear a cotton cloth mask, you should use a thick cloth mask. It should be washed daily after use. Otherwise the same mask can be used after three-four days. After wearing the mask, it can no longer be touched.

2. Maintain social distance on the road, in the market, in the workplace. Increase the space between the chairs as well as the seating arrangement in the office.

3. It is better not to hold most things by hand. For example, you can open a door without opening it with your hands, pushing it with your feet. If you want to touch it alone, do it with your fingertips. Then clean your hands thoroughly with soap. Do not hold street objects with the elbows or the opposite side of the hand. Be careful when using public toilets. Wash the basin faucet with soap and use.

4. Many at work share food with coworkers. Turn it off for now. Cut the same cake on the occasion of the birthday and change the habit of eating that piece.

5. Hands should be washed thoroughly with soap after reaching the workplace or destination. Hand sanitizer with 70-80 percent alcohol should be kept in the bag. If hand washing is not available at work, use a hand sanitizer. However, you must wash your hands with soap and water before eating.

Again, everyone’s place of work is different, the type of work is different. So keep an eye on whether everything in the workplace is being sanitized.

Follow some more precautions when using public transport and outside. E.g.

1. Try to avoid crowded vehicles. So take some time out. If you are on the same route, a few people in the office can also arrange a car. However, do not seat more than two people in the back seat.

2. It is better to use less office landline. Do not talk too close to the receiver. When the phone is done, sanitize the mouthpiece and use it.

3. When you get on the bus or public transport on the road, you fall in many places. So keep it in the mobile bag. Arrive at the destination, wash your hands, take out your mobile and check it.

4. After withdrawing money from the ATM, keep that money and card in a separate pocket of the wallet. Use hand sanitizer.

In addition to taking precautions at work to avoid corona, it is important to follow certain rules when returning home. E.g.

1. After coming from outside, you must take off your shoes and socks and go straight to the bathroom. Experts say, at this time, do not touch the door of the house, switch – anywhere. Ask the person in the house to open the door of the house and the bathroom. Wash your hands, take off your mask and goggles. Then take off the clothes and soak the bucket in soapy water. Wash clothes in hot water. Dry the clothes in the sun.

2. Apply soap, take a bath with shampoo. If you have big hair, you can tie a scarf and go out. Wash the soles of the feet with soap.

3. The mobile must be well sanitized.

4 It is important to keep the outer bag clean regularly. If you use a cloth bag, you can wash it. If it is a leather bag, return home and keep the bag in a place where no one can touch it.
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