The United States has halved the isolation period

The resurgence of new corona infections in several states in the United States and in Europe has led to disruptions in global aviation.
Amid the stalemate caused by the Omicron infection, the United States announced on Monday that it would halve Omicron’s asymptomatic isolation period.
About 11,500 flights have canceled worldwide since Friday, with thousands of flights delayed during this busiest time of the year. Various airlines have said that the transmission of the Omicron variant has caused a staffing crisis in the airlines. As many as 3,000 flights canceled worldwide on Monday, with another 1,100 canceled on Tuesday as part of Flight Tacker ‘Flight Aware’.
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Monday announced that the isolation period for asymptomatic Covid-19 would reduced from 10 days to 5 days to speed up the return of more people to work and reduce the labor crisis.
Due to the reduction of isolation for 5 days, you have to wear a mask to go in front of others for the next 5 days.
Infections are on the rise in the United States in January, with large numbers of infection pockets created in areas that have not vaccinated and where there is a shortage of emergency and adequate tests.
President Joe Biden said Monday that some U.S. hospitals may be “overflowing,” but that the United States is ready to deal with the latest wave, and that Americans need not “panic.”
In a virtual meeting with state governors and health advisers, Biden said the rapid spread of Omicron would not be as damaging as the early stages of the Kovid-19 outbreak or the delta outbreak this year.
“Omicron is a source of concern, but it should not be a source of panic,” he said.
In the United States, the number of daily infections rose to 2.5 million in January last year, with more than 618,000 people dying in the epidemic in the world’s worst-hit country.

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