The Magic Garden Movie Review

A lot of people love to watch different movies in this world. If you love to watch movies of science fiction or visual story, The Magic Garden movie will be a better one for you. Its novel is graphic and has no matching with the reality produced by the harry potter series producer, and there are many matchings with the Harry Potter series in this movie.

Movie Details:
The director of this movie is Marc Munden. The main actor in this movie is a little girl marry who covers most of the stories in this movie. His friend is Edan Hayhurst, and a boy is also in this movie named Edan Hayhurst.

Rating of IBDM:
This movie got a 5.5 rating out of 10, which is not very special. I also didn’t get too many views on any platform or hasn’t been so famous yet.

Movie Review:
In this “The Magic Garden” movie the main actor is a small girl named Mary who covers all the main story. In her childhood, she lost her father and mother. Then the policemen took him to a house and kept her there.
The house was a little bit weird to her, and she started to find out all the things about the place. She got a dog outside the home and a garden there. She also found a boy in that house who was not able to walk.
After a few days, she started feeling something special in the garden beside the house. She found a friend and then went with the dog there. The dog was injured and got well within a few minutes of entering the garden.
Then the little girl went with her friend, the boy and the dog. One day the police find and school and decide to send her there. But that day, the whole house faces a massive fire accident, and the little girl saves all the family members and becomes a permanent member of that family.

You can watch this movie as it is exciting and full of curiosity.


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