The Great Features and Uses of Sola Wood Flowers

Everyone is familiar with natural flowers, they grow everywhere, they are sold in shops and markets, and they are present at any event. Due to different reasons, some seek alternatives, because they don’t want to invest in flowers that will eventually fade off and will be thrown away. On the other hand, some want to have a bouquet or an arrangement as a keepsake and place it around the house to look at for years to come. Sola wood flowers are ideal in all these situations and a sola wood flower bouquet certainly stands out and has many amazing features.

What Are Sola Wood Flowers

Sola wood flowers are increasing in popularity and it is no wonder why. Home decorators, wedding and event planners, everyone who discovers their beauty wants to get their hands on them. They are biodegradable, natural, sustainable, and handmade. They are a great alternative to regular flowers, but they are designed to last for a lifetime, and they look stunning. There is no need to worry that you will walk down the isle or place a flower bouquet at home that will soon wilt and die, because wooden flowers will preserve their looks under all conditions.

When you plan a big event, you have to buy centerpieces and arrangements and after it is over, you can take the flowers home or give them away. Under all circumstances, they have to be thrown away after they wilt, and it is a shame. The good news is that wood flowers are diverse and lush, and they resemble fresh flowers very well. It all depends on how you want to preserve them, if you want to personalize them or keep them in their natural, ivory, shades. You can personalize each blossom and make it look unique and stunning, to match the décor in your home, the color scheme of the event, your personal preferences, and more.

Why a Sola Wood Flower Bouquet

The  sola wood flower bouquet  is designed from tapioca plant root, known as Cassava. Tapioca is obtained by drying down the shrub and making it into a powder. Those who design the flowers take the bark off from the root to expose the center. Thin sheets are obtained from the center, which are then softened and shaped in the desired form. Each bloom is handcrafted by someone, which means it will turn out to be unique. Just imagine how marvelous and special it is to purchase such flowers and arrange them in all sorts of bouquets.

Sometimes you can find the flowers in two-tones, because the bark is left on during the process. You can purchase them in ivory and similar shapes, as most vendors provide them in such designs. However, personalization is more than encouraged, because petals can be dyed in any color scheme, using the right type of paint. If you take some time to look around and search for videos, you will discover the entire process and find so many ideas. If you are the type that likes DIY projects and you feel fulfilled when you create something on your own, you will certainly appreciate these blooms and how versatile they are.

In order to dye  sola wood flowers , it is recommended to use craft or acrylic paint, because it is an affordable and readily available option. Of course, there are other possibilities as well, such as fabric dye, watercolor, spray and latex paint. The flowers can be dipped directly into the mixture, and if you want to prepare the blooms even more, use a sola softener. Working with sola flowers is a pleasure, because they can be shaped in so many ways and there are different types available, including roses, dahlias, peonies, daisies, and more. No matter what you prefer, what type of event you are organizing or what type of flowers you want in your home, be sure you can find them with ease.

During transport, it is possible some blooms might require reshaping, but this is done very easily. It is enough to dunk sola wood flowers in water and use your fingers to spread the petals. Once you are satisfied with the results, you need to set them aside for the day, especially if you plan to color them. If you want to create an arrangement or a bouquet, keep in mind that most flowers are delivered without stem. To complete the look, simply glue a stick or a wire stem on the back of the flowers and it is finished. Afterwards, you can enjoy the arrangements for a lifetime and not worry about anything that will ruin their appeal.

With sola wood flowers, you don’t have to sacrifice looks and appearance. They look very much like the natural blossoms and no one is able to tell them apart. If you worry about scents and you want to add something to them, simply apply fragrance oil. This way, the entire look is complete and if you place the arrangement in your home, rest assured that the entire room will smell great. You can control how powerful you want the scent to be and add as many drops as you like. Having so much power upon wooden flowers is great to test your abilities and design something that you will be proud of.

Where to Look for Wood Flowers

Sola flowers are easy to find nowadays, because many vendors take the opportunity to impress potential customers with their offer. Simply go online and search for a vendor that delivers within your region. You will find a great variety and it will be hard to decide which blossoms will go into a sola wood flower bouquet.

At least with such flowers you don’t have to worry about seasonal availability, because every size, shape, and form, is in stock and can be delivered as soon as possible, to design the ideal sola wood flower bouquet.

Don’t forget to add details to your sola wood flower bouquet, such as fillers, to complete the look. Afterwards, you can focus on stems, ribbons, and anything you would like to add.

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