The Advantages of Cat Litter Crystals

Looking after cats and dogs is a lot easier nowadays with so many amazing supplies. Feeding, training, grooming, entertaining, cleaning after, all these processes are simplified when you have the necessary products at your disposal. Take for instance cat litter, there are several solutions on the market, among which clay and cat litter crystals being some of the most popular choices. It is best to get to know each to be able to decide. On the other hand, if you welcome a puppy in your home, you might want to invest in a puppy pen for added security when you are not around.

Why Cat Litter Crystals

Cat litter crystals are very popular among cat owners. They prefer it due to various reasons. It is easy to scoop, absorbs and eliminates odor, it is non-toxic, some varieties are biodegradable, and there is almost no dust. Crystals are durable and you don’t have to change the litter box so often, mainly when solids are in the litter. Many owners want to make sure that the products they give their cats are safe and non-toxic. Crystals are on the list, because your cat is safe even if it happens to lick some of them from time to time. For humans they are even better, because less dust is produced, which means no more allergies.

When your cat eliminates, you can easily scoop out the solids. In case of liquids, you don’t have to worry because they are absorbed, and odor is eliminated faster. With other options, you have to clean the litter box regularly, even if your cat simply pees, due to the smell. You can keep your home smelling nice every day, as some of the most unpleasant issues are eliminated. Not to mention there are scented crystals, in case you want something more fragrant to cover up the smell in the room. No matter what type you purchase, make sure it is non-toxic for your cat.

What Is a Puppy Pen

Puppies are adorable, they like to play a lot, chew, discover new places and elements around the house. Owners are not always around to look out for them and make sure they don’t get into trouble. Most people are out working or running errands and even when they are at home, they have to cook and spend time with the family as well. Putting the puppy in a crate is not always idea, especially for a longer period of time. Instead, a  puppy pen  is a better option, especially a spacious one to allow your furry friend to love around and play with toys.

Puppies still require their daily walks, but when they are inside the house or in the backyard, they need a safe space to stay in, so they don’t end up injured from falling or from chewing something they are not supposed to. Puppy pens provide more peace of mind, especially because your pup will not be attached to you 24/7 and will learn to be more confident and independent. You can provide enough space to play and exercise and include some great toys inside. This way, they will be in a safe space when you are not around or when you are busy inside the house.

On the other hand, cats are more independent from the beginning and this is one of the main winning points for animal lovers. They prefer to have the extra time while their feline minds its business, roaming around the house, and sometimes being mischievous. Not to mention that you don’t have to take your cat out for a walk, it will do its business in the cat litter. However, most owners don’t like the idea of carrying heavy bags of clay. The good news is that  cat litter crystals  are lighter, and they last longer. Silica gel is processed with other ingredients and granules are porous, which means they absorb more liquid.

Adjusting to cat litter crystals depends on every cat, some enjoy them from the moment you put them in the litter box, while others require some time. To make the transition easier, mix some crystals with the litter you currently use and in time, switch mainly to silica litter. Cats are very sensitive to smell and, in some cases, they don’t tolerate certain scents. To be on the safe side, choose unscented crystals from the start or purchase a smaller bag with scented ones to see how your kitty adapts.

Many cat owners recommend switching to cat litter crystals, especially when there are so many amazing varieties out there and you can find crystals that indicate their PH-level in urine. This is very helpful when you want to track their health and rest assured that your feline is well hydrated and in good condition. Some crystals are bigger, while others are smaller in size, which can also determine how your cat will react to them. You might need to change some brands until you find the right one, but eventually you will be happy with the choice.

Why Buy a Puppy Pen


A puppy pen is a good investment if you just welcomed a pup in your home and you want to keep it contained and safe when you are unable to give your full attention. Keep in mind that your pup will grow, and based on the breed, you can choose one that is durable enough to withstand chewing and large enough to keep it inside and not climb out.

There are some key aspects to look into when you buy a puppy pen. Make sure materials are durable, because your pup will certainly bite into them and play rough on some occasions. There should be enough space inside, so your furry little one does not feel very restricted.

If you will use the puppy pen on a daily basis, make sure it is easy to set up and even foldable for easy storage. Some pens have interlocking panels, so you can change the size and shape of the pen whenever desired.

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