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HomesoftwareTest Case Management Tools: Definition & Key Features

Test Case Management Tools: Definition & Key Features

Test Case Management Tools: Definition & Key Features

Test case management tools are crucial for successful delivery of the final product, the software. There are various prominent features and advantages of test case management tools. Read the article and know all about test case management tools.

About test case management tools

The test case management tools are applications that help the testers to manage the test case environments, automate the tests, identify the defects and project the tasks. Some applications also include advanced dashboards and detail tracking of key metrics along with easy tracking of bugs and bug management.

Key features of test case management tools

Test case management tools have a number of advantages which lowers the burden of users. Following are the key features of test case management tools.

Manage the test plans

The test case management tools are responsible for creating and executing case plans. These tools helps the testers to copy, paste, rearrange, import and export the test plans. Test case management tools reduces the workload and creates extensive test plans, keeps the test plans up-to-date, executes tasks, tracks the progress and documents the results. 


Testforma is one of the most popular test case management tools which is capable to deliver end-to-end software solutions such as test case documentation, acceptance testing, regression testing and functional testing.

Runs the test using computer

Test case management tools are also responsible for smooth performance of test plans. Using these tools, users can easily and efficiently take notes and capture the results at any given time of the test execution. They make the running of tests easy with efficient execution of test plans and documenting the test results at every step. 

The advanced test case management tools like Testforma have an all-inclusive test management application which executes the test plans and documents its step-by-step result for easy tracking later. 

Auto generate the document

Test case management tools make the testing work effortless by auto generating the documents. They are the applications which auto-generate Excel, Word and PDF documents for the test plans.

Further, test case management tools have the facility to custom create the document template and customize the default template for Excel or Word documents. These auto-generated and customized documents thus match the company’s internal formatting, making the work easy.

Brings the teams together

Test case management tools help to streamline test plan design interface which facilitates in updating test plans successfully throughout the lifecycle of product (software) development. Advanced test case management tools like Testforma helps to boost the cross collaboration among development, engineering and Q/A teams; ultimately bringing teams together.  

What does test case management involves

Test case management involves various processes which ensure a smooth and user friendly software interface. The following are some key processes involved in test case management.


  • Test estimation
  • Test planning
  • Test execution
  • Test monitoring


Test case management tools and its key features are discussed above, there are a large number of options available for test case management tools in the market, so make sure you know the specifications and key features of the tools to know what works the best.



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