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Top Features to Uplift Spa Business Management with Spa Software

Top Features to Uplift Spa Business Management with Spa Software

Running a hair and beauty salon requires some juggling. However, there are advantages of spa software technology that will significantly enhance your business by automating labor-intensive administrative activities, optimizing procedures, and pleasing your customers.

These features will not only free up your time but also increase your company’s earnings! Here are a few crucial software functions that will increase your revenue while saving you and your client’s time.

Digital Forms

Trimming on the amount of time spent scanning, uploading, filing, and storing paper forms. You won’t have a mountain of paper to sort through at the end of it because they are fully customizable to fit your business and your clientele. The forms may be accessed from any device and are automatically stored in your client cards, providing you and your employees more time to attend to your clients.

Additionally, it transforms customer consultations, making them quicker and more reliable. To cut down on the time, it takes for each appointment and the number of people sitting in your waiting room, you can also send your clients paperwork by email or text message for them to complete before their appointment. Learn more about sending electronic forms.

Streamline Inventory

Understanding your stock’s performance is essential for efficient stock management. Your software should assist you in determining when to order, how much you have, and when you need more. You ought to be able to print a report that has all the information requires about your stock.

You can get a real-time snapshot of the price and amount of your inventory in hand with the Stock Value report. One can monitor stock levels and determine what products are selling and which ones aren’t using the report.

You may easily print a list from your program with the order prepared to send to your supplier when you need to order supplies. Additionally, the upsell retail tool spares you from having to spend time looking through client notes to find out a client’s most recent purchases.

When a customer is being invoiced, you can click the recent purchases button to view what they recently purchased, or if they haven’t made a retail purchase before, you can click the upsell retail button to see the best-selling products for either men or women.

Easy Payroll Management

Spending hours on the payroll at the end of a busy week is the last thing you want to do. Fortunately, you have the necessary software to assist you. Time Sheets automatically display your staff’s hours and leave, allowing you to examine, change, and approve them before payroll. It enables your personnel to clock in and out, so you have an exact record of working hours.

You may confidently pay your staff members appropriately by importing a report with a list of allowed hours into your payroll system. Simple!

Automate Members Communication

You can communicate with your clients in a variety of ways between visits to remain in touch and improve the client experience. These contain reminders for birthdays, appointments, after-service care, and retail purchases.

Daily sending of these out by hand takes time, and it can end up falling to the bottom of your to-do list. Instead, take the time to sit down and configure your salon and spa software so that these messages are sent to your clients automatically. In this manner, you may stay in constant contact with your clientele without having to put in any more effort.

Online Appointment Management

The best method to deal with an inflow of customers is with a waitlist if you are getting more bookings than you can handle. This enables you to keep a list of customers who want reservations along with their preferences. And you can add customers to your appointment book as you find openings. Or as times for appointments become available.

This is very useful when you have clients waiting for appointments, and your appointment book is entirely booked during peak times, like Christmas. It can take a while to answer the phone and look through the appointment book. And if calls are missed during a busy time, it might mean that a booking is lost.

Setting up online booking is simple, and once it’s operational, your clients can quickly book services. And view available appointment times online whenever they want, helping to fill your appointment schedule after regular office hours.

Since you must accept, alter, or reject appointments before they confirm, you maintain complete control over your appointment book. To give your customers a flawless booking experience, you can completely customize your online booking site.

Check, for instance, that correct explanation of your services and packages. That you are using staff capabilities to ensure the appropriate staff booking for services. And that you are making good use of the customization possibilities to get your branding right.

Wrapping Up

Through the full utilization of our salon and spa software, including the introduction of new procedures, tools, and automation. So, take advantage of the chance to evaluate your company. Also spend some time putting new processes, tools, and automation in place. Because they can ultimately save you a ton of time.

Wellyx has numerous great features that are simple to use. It can save you time, and can improve the experience your clients have. To find out how Wellyx could benefit your company, schedule a free demo.
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