Should You Choose Non-Arabic Muslim Baby Names for Your Newborn?


One of the most important responsibilities of becoming a parent is to find a beautiful and well-meaning unique baby name for your newborn. There are many Islamic names, probably thousands if not hundreds of thousands. However, most of the Muslim baby names are derived from Arabic origins. There are many other baby names chosen by Muslim parents around the world that aren’t originated from the Arabic language. That is why many parents are confused whether they should choose such names for their babies or not.

Non-Arabic Muslim Baby Names at a Glance:
Muslim baby names have changed a lot in the recent centuries. New names have also been formed by mixing and matching names from other regions. If you are confused whether it is permissible to choose such names, this article will help bring clarity to your thoughts. Before you dive any deeper, you should know that Islam is a religion of peace and convenience. It does not put unnecessary constraints on its followers and only shows the righteous path to everything. Same is the case when it comes to choosing and finding a non-Arabic Muslim baby name.

Islam does not prohibit you from choosing Non-Arabic names
Firstly, Islam does not prohibit or prevent you from choosing a Non-Arabic baby name. In fact, it only advises you to choose names with good meanings as it is highly discouraged in Islam to choose names that do not mean well and may be twisted or disrespectful. This is absolutely true because names reflect a person’s personality. If a person has a bad meaning name, most people will not respect the name and may use the twisted version of name to mock him or her.

Names can impact your baby’s personality:
Secondly, as a Muslim baby boy name or Muslim baby girl name is going to be your first ever gift to your newborn, it is your responsibility to put a lot of thought in the process. When choosing Non-Arabic names, you should ensure that the names do not have negative connotations as it may have a negative effect on your child’s personality. Also, there are many Non-Arabic baby names that can be easily twisted. Before you opt for any such name, make sure to find the exact meaning of the name and whether it should be used or not.

How to find a Non-Arabic Muslim Baby Name?

A good way to find Non-Arabic Islamic baby names is by visiting a website like They have vast archives of all kinds of baby names. In fact, they even offer you Muslim names with meanings, astrological characteristics and favorable elements. Choosing right Non-Arabic names is altogether more important because the names may be modern baby names and there may not be an exact meaning to them. Also, with the changing trends, short-life names appear every now and then. If you choose any such name, chances are, that your baby will feel embarrassed in his or her adult years when the name will sound too outdated.

Final Thoughts
All in all, now you must have clarity about the whole “Non-Arabic baby names” confusion. Now you know that you can choose any Muslim baby name regardless of the origin with the only condition that it should have good meanings. The only thing left for you is to search for such names and select a unique and popular Muslim name for your baby.

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