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Reliable Ways to Combine PST File – A Complete Guide

Reliable Ways to Combine PST File – A Complete Guide

Sometimes, it is challenging to manage multiple Outlook PST files. It is because users may receive many PST files from their organizations or individuals and want to combine all the PST files into one. So we will help them to combine PST files in this blog. Here we will understand some reasons and methods for combining PST files. We will discuss two methods, manual and professional methods. Also, we will take the help of a third-party application named Sysinfo PST Merge Tool. Begin the blog by understanding the reasons for merging PST files.

Why Do We Need To Merge Outlook PST Files?

Several points to combine multiple PST files are discussed below:

  • To prevent data from the corruption of Outlook.
  • During the migration, the user wishes to save all data into one PST file and migrate from Outlook to another email program.
  • Rather than having multiple Outlook inboxes or sent items folders, merge them into one folder.
  •  To enhance the performance of the Outlook application.
  • PST files from old versions of Outlook are being imported into a single PST file that can be used with the new version of Outlook. To do so it is necessary to merge multiple PST files into one.

These are some causes that insist users combine multiple pst files. 

Techniques To Combine PST File 

In this blog, we will discuss two solutions. The first one is the manual technique and the another is the professional technique. Now we are starting to explain the manual approach to merge Outlook PST files.

How to Merge PST Files Within Outlook?

Firstly we need to create a black PST file. 

  1. Firstly Run the Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Then go to the Home tab>> New Items >> More Items. Select the Outlook data file (PST).
  3. Next, create a new Outlook data file, and save it by hitting the Ok button.
  4. We have created the PST file and need to export all the mailboxes to the new PST file.
  5. Go to the File Tab >> Open & Export >> Import/Export
  6.  Now the Import and Export Wizard will be displayed.
  7. Here, click on Import from another program or file option and tap the Next button.
  8. After that, select the Outlook Data File (.pst) from the list and click Next.
  9. Click Browse and pick the PST file to import.
  10.  Merge PST files without duplicates to click on the Do not import duplicates option and tap on the Next button.
  11.  Now choose the folder to import from, tick the box Include subfolders and click on Import items into the same folder.
  12. Lastly, click on Finish.

This will take some minutes to complete to combine PST file. It sometimes seemed to have some limitations. So let’s discuss them too in the next section.

Demerits of Manual Approach

Here we will know some disadvantages of the manual procedure. Some drawbacks are pointed out below:

  • It is a free solution but very time-consuming.
  • There is a chance of data loss and corruption.
  • We need to follow lengthy steps, so there is a possibility of human error.
  • It is necessary to install MS Outlook.
  • Non-technical users may not implement this manual method.

So these were some drawbacks of the manual method. Now let’s know another method which is a professional method. we are using a third-party utility as a professional solution.

How to Combine PST file With Third-Party Utility

We have seen many demerits of the manual method. So we must have a solution that will not tricky for non-technical users. Here, we will use Sysinfo PST Merge Tool to merge PST files in one. This utility is the most reliable way to consolidate PST files. There is no chance of data loss or corruption using this utility to merge PST files. It merge Outlook data files with all the PST file elements such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. Also, it provides a feature to remove duplicate items from the selected PST files. Also, the user can protect the merged output PST file with a password.

Final Words

Now it’s time to finish the blog with some lines. So let’s revise all the points that we discussed in this blog. We have understood the causes for combining the multiple PST files. After that, we discussed two approaches, manual and automated. Both methods are good and working. But the manual method has some limitations. That’s why we recommend you go with the professional approach to combine PST file.



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