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Best Things to Keep in Mind While Doing a Recharge Dish TV

Things to Keep in Mind While Doing a Recharge Dish TV

Doing your DTH recharge is very important. You do not want your DTH connection interrupted in the middle without warning. There are a lot of things involved to recharge the dish in the perfect manner. You must be mindful of all the etiquette involved in choosing the right Tata Sky recharge plans. To help you further, we have drafted a whole guide that would help you. 

Let’s look at some of the things you must keep in mind while doing the recharge dish. 

1. Channels:

The DTH operators will try to advertise and entice more customers by offering available channels. However, consider the following questions while doing the recharge dish:

  • Which tracks are complimentary or incorporated in the basic package?
  • How often does the operator add new TV channels?
  • How many regional channels do you watch? 
  • Are you interested in watching regional TV shows?
  • How many HD and lifestyle channels are available in the shows? 

Moreover, the total channels on offer matter less if the channels you want to see are unavailable. 

Are you looking for the best TV DTH plans? Then go for Tata Sky recharge plans. The Tata Sky recharge plans start from Rs. 101 monthly, which is one of the cost-effective options. 

2. Package Plans:

Some DTH operators provide an ala carte or “cherry-picking” selection of channels. However, channel packages always offer a better deal monthly. For instance, the Tata Sky plans recharge of the Hindi Basic HD packs starting from Rs. 309 monthly. However, you may consider the following questions while doing the recharge dish:

  • Which package offers the channels that are the most relevant?
  • How much extra will you have to pay for sports or lifestyle channels?
  • How easily can you switch between plans?
  • If a new TV channel gets added, will it get automatically added to the package?

Also, remember that basic packages don’t include movies, lifestyle, HD, and sports channels. You have to pay extra for these channels. 

3. Installation and Set-Up Box:

Your set-up box receives the signal transmission and converts it into readable content. It majorly affects the viewing quality experience. So, it is crucial to know the specification and models of your set-up boxes available with DTH providers. The model you choose must get compatible with the TV unit and the DTH package. Also, you clarify the installation charges while purchasing or booking a connection. However, you may consider the following questions while doing the recharge dish: 

  • Is the operator charging extra for installation?
  • What’s the turnaround time after an installation request?
  • Do the installation charges cover the coax and cable clips cost?
  • How much do you have to pay per meter of cable?
  • How much does it cost to relocate the connection?

Also, remember that the dish antenna needs an unobstructed sky view to get the best signal. Moreover, if you opt for Tatasky plans to recharge, you’ll get the best Tatasky set-up boxes. 

4. Should You Opt for HD?

If you have or plan to have a flat HD panel TV, you may opt for an HD set-up box. HD boxes are not costly. However, you need to pay extra to access HD channels. For instance, if you opt for Tata Sky recharge plans with HD exclusive channels pack, you may opt for HD set-up boxes. The HD boxes connect your TV using HDMI. It simplifies the setup and reduces the cable mess too. If you are doing a recharge dish, consider that you’ll find a lot of HD content, from education to entertainment. 

5. Choosing the Right Platform 

You can recharge Tata Sky online via Bajaj Finserv app easily with simple steps. You can effectively manage all your utility bills using this application. Check it out today!

Below are some simple steps to recharge your Tata Sky online:

    • Visit Google Play Store and Download Bajaj Finserv app
    • Then Launch the app and log in through the email ID registered with your mobile
    • Click on ‘Install’
    • Open the app on your mobile phone
    • To ‘Generate OTP,’ enter your 10-digit mobile phone number
    • Enter the OTP and click the ‘Proceed’ button
    • Under the ‘Bills and Recharges’ section, tap on ‘DTH’ section
    • Choose your service provider from the drop-down menu
    • ‘Proceed’ after entering your loan account number
  • Choose your preferred payment method and finish the transaction

6. Should You Opt for a DVR?

Digital Video Recorder or DVR offers many convenient features over the standard set-up boxes. You may watch TV as you do. However, you can pause and resume the Live TV in case of interruption. The Tata Sky pack also offers DVR set-up boxes, adding an extra touch to watching live TV. If you are doing a recharge dish, you may set a recording and fast-forward the advertisements in the recorded content. It also offers to rewind the Live TV up to a certain point. 

7. Look for Offers 

If you are planning to recharge the dish anytime soon, then you must use the best offers available. Major DTH providers in India provide great seasonal offers that you can prudently utilize. Some also have year-round offers available for their customers. When choosing your Tataksy recharge plans, make sure to do it from the website that provides you with the most lucrative offers or discounts in the form of cashback, coupons, etc., that you can redeem later. 



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