Reasons to Incorporate Wooden Flowers on all Occasions

Fresh flowers are gorgeous, and they smell amazing, but the truth is that they wither too soon, especially if they are put on display for extended periods of time. Not to mention that some large events require numerous arrangements, and this cost money. Luckily, alternatives exist, and wooden flowers are more versatile than ever. It is possible to incorporate them anywhere and they have so many advantages worth knowing about. Many couples that plan their wedding choose wooden wedding flowers, because they are unique, special, customizable, and budget-friendly.

Why Wooden Flowers

Wooden flowers are highly popular because they are designed from a sustainable material, and they will last for many years, even for a lifetime if they are properly kept and maintained. Many people acknowledge their beauty and features and incorporate them in so many arrangements. For example, mortgage holders and real estate agents decorate the homes with wood flowers to resemble the natural blossoms and enchant the eyes of prospective buyers. Planning an event becomes easier when you have the necessary supplies at your disposal.

No matter if you have a small gathering, a wedding, anniversary, birthday party, christening, and such, you can choose these blooms instead of natural ones. They are designed to last and look stunning throughout the event. When it is over, you can gather the flowers and use them afterwards or decorate your own home. Of course, you can offer them as gifts to those invited and they will have something special from the occasion. It is worth looking into alternatives, especially when they are at your disposal, and when you can find them so easily. Knowing a bit more about wood blossoms helps take the decision and become more familiar with the concept.

What Are Wooden Wedding Flowers

Weddings are not complete without flowers, because they are a symbol of celebration and happiness. However, couples already have many purchases and arrangements on their list, so they want to keep the budget under control. On the other hand, they cannot give up the idea of flowers and this means they should look into alternatives. A very good example are  wooden wedding flowers, they are easy to find nowadays, they are eco-friendly, and last for a lifetime. They are carved from tree bark, usually shavings from balsa or tapioca. Each sola flower is individually made, which means it turns out unique.

The natural color is ivory and if you search examples you will soon discover the beautiful shades. The good news is that you can color them as you desire. Wood paint works excellent, and you can personalize each bloom, in darker or lighter shades, however you please. In terms of diversity, rest assured that vendors make all efforts to present the most beautiful designs, from roses to peonies, and even some that don’t even exist. You can play with textures and shapes and make your own bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, wraths, and more.

One of the greatest advantages of wooden flowers is that they stay fresh throughout time. You can use them several times if you plan to decorate different venues or for your home. They are not affected by humidity, sunlight, not being put in water, and such. Of course, when you keep them in a location for more than a couples of days, it is best to maintain them properly, if you want to enjoy their foliage for a long time. It is enough to dust them once in a while and keep them from direct sunlight. If you want to give them a fresh look, you can always rearrange the petals.

Wooden flowers are more affordable compared to natural blooms. You can easily find vendors that sell them in bulk, in case you need to purchase a higher amount. Make sure to combine shapes and sizes, textures, and add fillers to complete arrangements. Usually, sola flowers do not have stems, but you can add some wire to hold bouquets in place, wrap it around with different materials, and the finish look is revealed. You can keep the blossoms as they are, in their natural color, or you can paint them and personalize the appearance.

In fact, you can add scents to  wooden flowers . Simply use oil scents under the petals and they smell amazing. Many people have allergies these days and they would like to have flowers around, but they don’t handle pollen very well. The good news is that wood blossoms are hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about this aspect anymore. Even people who come to the event or into your home will not begin to sneeze and feel uncomfortable. This is a great benefit when you want to take precaution measures.

Where to Find Wooden Wedding Flowers

Couples have to make all arrangements ahead of time and they need to think about the venue and the wedding date first of all. Afterwards, they worry about flowers, catering, music, entertainment, the wedding cake, guest list, and so much more. Many of them choose flowers based on the season, because they want something that is available and not very expensive. However, wooden wedding flowers don’t have such restrictions and all blooms are available, regardless of season.

Since they already plan ahead, they can purchase wooden wedding flowers ahead of time and paint them, create bouquets and centerpieces and when the time comes, arrange them in the venue. It can be regarded as a great recreational and bonding experience, especially for couples that like to spend time together and are passionate about DIY projects.

Finding wooden wedding flowers is certainly not an issue, because there are many vendors out there that offer numerous possibilities and models. They cater all requests, deliver fast, and point out from the start the time of delivery, availability, prices, and more. It is enough to take a look at what vendors have to offer, and you will be amazed of the beautiful models. If you plan to buy a larger quantity, you can find special prices and offers.

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