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Quotes about friendship

Here you will get 50 Quotes about friendship. All of these quotes, status, sayings are very nice and creative. So you will like these quotes about friendship for all time. Lets see the best quotes about friendship. Read more: Quotes about best friends.

50 Quotes about friendship:

1. For my dear friend,
If you die before me,
And you are standing on the gates of heaven,
Ask if you can get me along!

2. There is nothing as precious in life as a true friend,
A true friend is the best thing to have in the world,
Proud of you my friend!

3. I want to be your friend just like the circle,
Didn’t get it,
A circle has no ends,
So it does not end,
I also want that our friendship never ends!

4. You can be by my side,
Or you can also be apart,
But, I know that you will,
Forever stay in my heart,
Love you my friend!

5. One true friend is better than 1000 fake friends,
I am proud that I have a true friend in you,
Miss you!

6. You know you have a true friend,
When she walks inside the door,
When everyone walks out,
Thanks for being there!

7. People will come and,
People will go,
But you are here and you will know,
That true friends will stay with time,
So glad that I have found mine!

8. Friendship looks so sweet when it is new,
But, it is really sweet because of you,
For a true friend!

9. A friend is one, who sings the lyrics of song,
With you when you have forgotten it,
To complete it!

10. Your friendship is like a star,
Though far,
It is always bright,
When you are with me,
Everything is alright!

11. My friend do you know the difference in my smile,
And your smile,
You smile when you stay happy,
And I smile because I see you happy,
So keep smiling!

12. Leave the tears behind,
Coz they cause only sorrow,
Smile because it’s a new day,
A new beginning tomorrow,
Keep smiling!

13. There should always be a smile on your face,
Whatever be your case,
Whichever is the race,
Start with a smile and end with a grace,
Keep smiling my friend!

14. Days will not be the same as they are now,
Situations will change and how,
You need to keep smiling all the way,
You need to keep smiling to have your say!

Quotes about friendship

15. You look so good when you smile,
All the time and all the while,
So let it stay there,
And do keep smiling as always!

16. Life is difficult I know,
Life is tough you know,
But, we don’t really have any means to show,
If you keep smiling then everyone will know,
That you are not scared of life!

17. My friend don’t ever cry because it is all over,
Rather smile because it did happen,
That matters the most,
Keep smiling!

18. Smile because it sparks up your face,
Smile because you look pretty,
Keep smiling my friend always,
Life is a part of nitty gritty!

19. Smile because that is your only strength,
Tears are normally sign of a weak,
Smile because you are strong,
Show everybody where you belong,
Keep smiling!

20. Life is a part of happiness and there is sorrow,
We don’t know what will happen tomorrow,
But, the only thing that is mine,
Is my smile,
So, my friend keep smiling!

21. Many years may fly with time
And many tears may dry
But the company of true friend
Will never ever die
Friendship is there till eternity!

22. It feels so nice when someone understands you
It feels so awesome when someone cares
You feel so good within
When your bestie is always there
For you in life
Cheers to our friendship in time!

23. Friendship always look wonderful
When it is all new
But, it feels all the more special
When you know that friendship is true
As I have a friend like you
I feel really blessed in life
Thank you!

24. You and me are like the teddy and chocolate
So sweet and a perfect blend
Oh my friend you are always there for me
And thanks! for you always understand
I love you so much
Its great having you in my life!

25. If there is anything that is precious in this world
It is your friendship my friend
With you there is such pure love
And nothing to pretend
Our friendship will stay this way!
I promise you every way!

Quotes about friendship

26. A memory always last forever
And it never really dies
A true friend always stays beside you
And there is no goodbye
Only a sweet company of a friend stays!

27. Some gifts are big in life
Whereas some gifts are small
But friendship is a pure gift
That truly stands so tall
Glad to have you in my life
My best friend forever!

28. Just like perfect ring
Which has no end
I want to be your friend
Who does not pretend
And that is the reason I am your friend
Cheers to our friendship!

29. Being with you is like a comfort zone
It feels magical when you are around
There is your true love that surrounds
Thanks for everything my friend
You are my smile!
All the way and while!

30. Friendship is like the shining star
It only shines so bright
With a good friend there is no fear
There is no fright!
You can just be all well
And just be alright!

Quotes about friendship

31. Friendship is a comfort
A feeling when you know
That even when you are alone
And there is no one besides you
Still you have that one friend who cares for you
And who will be there for you
To my bestie thanks for being there!

32. You may stay happy
You may stay kind all the time
You May have fun
And may try to be number one
But you have a good friend whose part of all this
So a big thanks for realizing
That with her company you are in bliss
Love you my best friend forever!

33. It’s really sweet that you know me well
That I depend on you when I am going through hell
That I also have moody days of my own
But you never leave me alone
So I want to thank you for everything my friend
With you I feel so good
There is nothing to pretend
Thanks for being there my friend!

34. The circle of my life is incomplete
Without a true friend like you
A friend whose so special
That I feel so blue without you
My bestie thanks for being there
Your support and your special care
Means a lot to me
Thanks a lot my bestie!

35. A friend is the only need in hour of grief
A support when you need someone
Strength when you feel so down
And help when you are lost in crowd
A friend like you is hard to find
Coz you are special and one of a kind
Thanks for being there
My best friend forever!

36. You know you mean the world
My friendship with you is strong
It’s like hymning the most beautiful song
Lucky to have you as my friend
May this bond forever remain so strong
Love you bestie!

37. Your honesty and your innocence
Your presence felt in life
So many reasons you give me
So many reasons to smile
Having you besides I feel so blessed
You are just amazing
Be as you are my friend!

38. You give me hope when I cry
You motivate me to try
You make me smile when I am sad
You give me faith when situations are bad
A friend like you is hard to find
You are really one of a kind
I love you my best friend forever!

39. You are so special in my life my friend
You are so rear indeed
I am lucky to have you beside
Its my return of good deed
A friend like you is life
A true reason to survive
Thanks for everything my bestie
You are my life!

40. Not every time you find a good friend in life
A friend who becomes your smile
A friend who makes your life worth
Every way and all the while
An honest friend like you
Feels too good to have you
Thanks for always being there!

41. I learned how to smile with you
I learned how to take things
Whether the things be old pr new
You have supported me in every way
So just want to thank you all the way
For coming in my life
And making me happy
I love you my bestie!

42. A memory will fade away in life
But love of a friend will never fade
Love will die eventually with time
But friendship stays as ever
Till the end of life my friend
I will be with you and forever
You are my true friend!

43. Sharing the joys in heart
To that silent care of yours
Sharing the pain in life
From giving the strength to survive
You have been there every while
To make me smile
Thanks for everything!

44. You and I share a friendship
That is just like the ring
A ring that has no end
Same is our friendship so pure
There is nothing to pretend
Only the true bond that we share
And that you care
I love you bestie!

45. When in trouble you are there
Your silly and stupid ways
But you make me laugh all the time
Our friendship will remain with time
Because it has been destined
Thanks for everything my bestie!

46. Friendship is truly a wonderful gift of life
Where you can share your pain and gain
With someone who is not bonded by blood
Thanks for always being there
And showing that you too care
I love you my bestie!

47. Your friendship is radiant as gold
Your friendship is sparkling as diamond
Your friendship is like a thing to see
When I feel happy being with you
Thanks my bestie you are truly one in few
I so love you!
Be as you are and true!

48. You are always there when I call you out
You take my mood swings and never shout
You make me feel like so me
You are there..There is nothing else I wish to see!
Thanks for everything my bestie!

49. My bestie you are my world
Cant think of a day without you
You are like my anchor in life
Without you I won’t survive
I love you a lot
Be as you are in life!

50. Meaning of every relation changes with time
But relation of friendship remains to same
Every bond may break with time
But friendship remains in name
So, thanks for being there
Love you my bestie!

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