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Quotes about best friends

Here all Quotes about best friends is very nice and amazing. Just read these quotes about best friends and get your favorite one quote. We share all quotes very popular and nice. So below see your quotes about best friends. Read more: Quotes about self love

30 Quotes about best friends :

1. Friendship is like a flower,
Blooming in the summer,
Spreading its lovely warmth,
Until the cold showers come along.

2. A friend like you is worth having since years are spent
with happiness and life is filled with blessings
when you are around. Lots of love to you my dear friend.

3. Our friendship is like a star in heaven,
Peaceful, pleasant and shining bright above.
So let’s spend some more time together,
And let our memories sparkle forever.

4. We two friends are like birds singing merrily all throughout the year,
Spreading love and happiness through our sweet mellifluous voice,
I hope our friendship never ends and remains etched in our hearts forever.

5. Let there come no day,
That ends our friendship
And separates us two.
We will stay friends
And keep the promises,
No matter what happens.

6. The best part of our friendship is you,
It starts with you and ends with you.
So do not break our friendship,
As I can’t see my days without you.

7. You are like a beautiful song that takes
my worries away with its melodious tune
and peps up my mood.

8. You are the most cherished surprise in my life,
You came like an angel and treated me like a friend,
You blessed me with your beautiful presence,
I wish that this friendship we share never ends.

9. Sharing chocolates and licking ice lollies,
Going to school together and fighting over little things,
Playing in the meadow and cycling over the hills,
Memories made with you are worth cherishing.

10. May your worries die everyday,
May your tension fade away.
May our love bring you happiness,
And our friendship grow each day.

11. A friend is someone who listens to your stories,
A friend is someone to kill all your worries,
A friend is sweet just like you are,
A friend is brighter than any other star.

12. Our friendship is a never ending relationship,
Sailing on the waves of trust,
Holding itself against the strong wind,
And reaching ashore Heaven.

13. Friends like us are rare in this world,
Friends like us are not found often,
Friends like us die for each other,
Friends like us keep friendship forever.

14. Our friendship stands on the trust we hold,
The love and care we share for each other,
The secrets we keep right in our hearts,
No one to reach them, but only our thoughts.

15. I love to steal your smiles for a while,
And fight with you for sometime.
But I can’t see a single tear in your eyes,
So here I come with a sweet smile, to apologize.

16. You are the most beautiful person in my life,
You make my day with your presence,
You hug me with your lovely talks,
And take away my worries with your smiles.

17. You are the most precious gift of mine,
Which I will cherish throughout my life,
There will come no day to separate us,
Or to throw us apart and make us strangers.

18. Studying together along with crayons sharing,
Talking on the phone and spending evenings,
Playing games and fighting over silly things,
Memories made with you are worth remembering.

19. Friends forever we shall stay,
Friend in need, we shall be,
No matter what tries to separate us,
We shall always keep in touch.

20. A friend like you is sweeter than anything,
I enjoy being with you than buying candies!

21. Sharing our thoughts and worries with each other,
Holds our friendship longer and makes it more stronger.

22. You are my good friend,
Never letting me down,
Always treating me with love,
And sharing happiness along.

23. You are my guide,
Correcting my mistakes,
Teaching me values, And a lot of good care.

24. I love you my friend,
Your funny jokes and pranks,
You keep me smiling everyday,
And shower joys in my life.

25. I have shared my entire life with you.
You have stood by me through all the odds of life.
I am so thankful to God for gifting me with a friend like you.

26. I promise to always stand by your side,
just the way you do. Together we shall cross
every hurdle of life with ease.

27. You have always been there for me,
helping me realize my true potential.
I am so lucky to have a friend like you.

28. If am a good friend or a good person,
it is because I am your friend. Our friendship
has made me a better person.
Thanks for being my friend.

29. You have made me understand the true
meaning of friendship, and made me a stronger person.
Thanks for your support.

30. No one is as close to me as you are my friend,
There is no fakeness with you, I don’t need to pretend,
Coz our friendship is true!
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