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Quotes about being the bigger person

Quotes about being the bigger person is here for you. All quotes are very nice and creative. So if you are searching for this type of quotes, you are welcome. So here i have posted all very nice quotes. Lets see the quotes for you we have collected.

Quotes about being the bigger person :

1. “Being a Bigger person will make you a good person to others.”
— Unknown.

2. “Being a bigger person, you will be known in the society as a good person for a long time.”
— Unknown.

3. “Being a bigger person, people always learn to apologize to others without forgetting.”
— Unknown.

4. “You have to be humble and restrained to be a bigger person. ”
— – Aimee Vernon

5. “Your faith does not transform you into a bigger person, but your behavior can transform you into a bigger person.”
— Sukhraj S. Dhillon

6. “To be a real adult, you need to be big in looks, not in height. Only then can you be a bigger person.”
— Unknown.

Quotes about being the bigger person

7 If you want to be a bigger person, you have to stop arguing about trivial matters.
— David Cuschieri

8. It doesn’t matter if you have a restaurant or an apartment. It depends on whether you are a bigger person or not.
—- Author: Wolfgang Puck

9. Stop being bigger person and learn to slash their tires.

10. Excessive arrogance is enough to destroy any relationship. Bigger person are never overly arrogant.

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11.No matter how heinous a person may be, never go down to his level without making a mistake. Always be a Bigger person.
— Unknown.

12. Be good when you can. Be a bigger person. Or at least get to know a bigger person.
— Molly Harper

13. “Sometimes you have to learn to be a bigger person in certain situations, and I am the bigger person right now.”
— Unknown.

14. “Sometimes being bigger person means smiling and shaking your head when you imagine punching another person in the throat.”
— Unknown.

15. “Have you ever been tired of being a bigger person? Or tired of being someone who compromises or realizes you’ve come this far to fix it? Neither do I.”
— Unknown.

16. “Honor is not an obligation or a grace, it has to be a bigger person to give or show something, whether it is returned or not.”
— Unarine Ramaru

17. Almost everyone thinks about his past and says, ‘I learned from that ordeal. I didn’t think I would do it then, but I’m a bigger person to put up with it and persevere.
— Lee Strobel

18. “Be a bigger person. Let’s argue; Not big in the sense of pride or knowledge, but fall behind, be humble and apologize when needed. Before arguing, ask yourself: To whom are you trying to prove yourself? The Almighty knows what is in your heart; So who else is important? Someone! “”
— Urooj Baloch

19. “Being a bigger person , whether you are a man or a woman, in terms of entertainment, it can hurt your chances. Because people see you as a so-called superstar. Perfect body, perfume figure, beautiful to look at and smart. And bigger people, we need to fit in everywhere and speak for ourselves in the best way possible. The way the world sees you as perfect, and no one is perfect. ”
— Bruce Bruce

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