Protection from Corona for Russian vaccine

Corona vaccineThe 17 volunteers who received the vaccine are now protected from corona.

No cure has yet been found for the novel coronavirus that has caused an epidemic around the world. However, the concerned people of different countries are not sitting. Russia’s military says a coronavirus vaccine made in their country has been shown to be “effective and safe” in clinical trials.

According to a report in the Moscow-based English newspaper The Moscow Times, the 18 volunteers who received the vaccine in the first phase are now protected from corona.

Since no cure for corona has been discovered, the vaccine is still considered the most effective way to combat the epidemic. Hundreds of vaccines are being developed around the world. However, only a few vaccines have reached the candidate stage in the first and second stages of the clinical trial.

On July 12, Russia claimed that it had successfully completed a clinical trial of a vaccine invented by the Gamalei Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology. The Russian Defense Ministry said in an e-mailed statement on Wednesday that 18 volunteers who had taken part in a first-stage clinical trial at a military hospital had been released after 28 days of observation.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, 26 days after the vaccination, all the important symptoms in the volunteers’ bodies were within normal limits. No serious adverse effects or health complications were created on their bodies. No side effects were observed. The Russian Defense Ministry says “now we can say with certainty that this vaccine is safe.”

In a video released by the Ministry of Defense, a researcher named Svetlana Volchikina claimed that the immunity of those volunteers was working well. The body is making antibodies. They are all now protected from coronavirus.

The second group of volunteers was vaccinated on June 23. They are now in isolation in that military hospital. Physicians and researchers are conducting observations. Russia hopes to complete its overall clinical trial of the vaccine by the end of July.

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