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What are the 5 Main Programming Languages?

What are the 5 Main Programming Languages?

We reside in a digital era where the growth of data is exponential. Programming languages can help analyze raw and unstructured data to generate useful insights. Surveys reveal that by 2022, programming will be one of the most crucial skills throughout the world. Individuals who master the most popular programming languages will be eligible for lucrative job posts. 

So, if you have planned to learn a programming language, congratulations! Well, you must be wondering which language to choose to learn. Remember, you are going to invest time and money to learn the language, so you need to make the right choice. In this blog, you will learn how many programming languages are there and the best programming languages in demand among employers in 2022. Let’s explore the details now. 

What is a Programming Language? 

Programming language is a series of rules required to command a computer. Such languages are used by programmers and developers to communicate with the computer. Machine-level language and higher-level language are programming languages. 

The basic object of a programming language is to create programs to control the behavior of the machine and to extract algorithms. The most popular programming languages are Java, Python, C++, Go, JavaScript, and Ruby.

5 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

  • Java

Java is the best programming language to learn today. It is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language. Many developers use (full stack Java development )Java to develop standard applications (Mac, Android, iOS) that can be used regardless of platform. More than 3 billion devices run Java-built applications. Java is an interesting language to learn among beginners because of its Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) capabilities. 

Millions of Java developers exist throughout the globe. There are innumerable ways to learn this programming language. Java might seem a more complex language at the beginning, but once you gain experience, Java coding becomes easier. A Java developer earns an average annual salary worth $109,225.

Level Intermediate
Required Skills Problem-solving expertise, master object-oriented structure
Platform Mobile, Website, Desktop
Advantages of learning JavaMaster coding skills, acquire programming knowledge, and gain access to important computer functions (graphics, file system, & sound). 
  • JavaScript

JavaScript is another best programming language to learn in 2022. It is a high-level programming language used in developing server-side websites and non-web browser applications. around 98& of all websites rely on this client-side programming language. 

Learn JavaScript and conduct hassle-free communication with your website. With this programming language, you can develop your own code and work with the DOM (Document Object Model). DOM is used for manipulating web content easily. The average annual salary for a Java developer is around $112,152.

Level Beginner to Intermediate 
Required Skills Expertise in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for defining the content and layout of web pages.
Platforms Cross-platforms, i.e., desktops, mobiles, & websites.
Advantages of learning JavaScript Beginner-friendly, easy to learn & implement. JavaScript runs straight away within the client-side browser.


  • Python

Python is used in designing video games and executing scientific and automation applications. It is a free, open-source programming language used to build websites, design software, and analyze data.

Python’s syntax is very similar to other languages. Learners will find Python syntax as simple as English. And so, it is best for beginners. It is quite easy to learn, so if you have zero experience with programming and coding, opt for Python. Python developers take home an average annual salary of $109,092.

Level Beginner-level, user-friendly 
Required Skills Problem-solving and abstract thinking 
Platforms Desktop & Web applications
Advantages of learning Python Flexible language with readable syntax. Innumerable official tutorials and documentation to learn from. 


  • C++

C++ is one of the most popular programming languages used to build a large number of different types of programs. This general-purpose object-oriented programming language is the most widely learned language in the world. C++ is popular among developers for its efficiency.

When you learn C++, you learn how to build complex systems. You can use this high-performing programming language learning in computer science and programming & application development. The average annual salary figure for C++ developers is $118,366. 

Level Beginner to Intermediate
Required Skills Problem-solving skills & expertise in basic computer knowledge. 
Platforms Mobile, Desktop, and Embedded
Advantages of learning C++Learn C++ to gain a higher “control” than other programming languages.


  • Go 

Go is a general-purpose programming language developed recently – 2007. Go is one of the fastest-growing modern programming languages used to build APIs and web applications. It is known as Golang. Many programmers rely on this programming language to work on large projects. It’s popular among IT companies. 

Go is quite easy to learn because its syntax is similar to C in many ways (i.e., data types, operators, and functions). It is popular among learners because of its simple and modern structure and syntax familiarity. Go developers earn an annual salary ranging from $141,654 to $261,000 per year.

Level Beginner to Intermediate 
Required Skills Basic problem-solving skills & patience 
Platforms Cross-platform, primarily desktop
Advantages of learning Go Fast and easy to learn with highly transparent code



So, these were the top 5 most used programming languages to learn now. You have to choose the best one and embark on the journey to learn it. You must consider programmer training courses to start a career as a programmer. 



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