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Paragraph food adulteration

Paragraph food adulteration is here for all students. This paragraph is very easy and best for all types of students. Dengue Fever Paragraph

Paragraph food adulteration

Food adulteration is a terrible problem and a matter of concern in the country. Adulterated food means mixing low quality harmful and unnecessary chemicals with food products. Adulterated food items pose a serious threat to public health. Today the market has become soybean in adulterated food. Fish, honey, sugar, salt, rice, flour, ghee, sweets, edible oils, medicines are adulterated everywhere. Almost all foods on the market include fish, meat, fruits (apples, grapes, etc., and even bananas) and vegetables mixed with toxic formalin, carbide, and other chemicals. Unscrupulous traders mix toxic formalin, carbide, and other chemicals to prevent and preserve the decomposition of fruits, vegetables, and various food items. Some fruits are also used for ripening and chemicals. Foods and fruits adulterated with these chemicals are a threat to the human body and health. The fish is kept fresh using formalin. Harmful chemical ingredients are used in fast food national food and harmful chemical ingredients are used in excessive amounts to make the food delicious. Adulterated food is harmful to the human body. By eating adulterated food, people gradually suffer from various incurable diseases including cancer and die. Regular market monitoring of various government departments is required to control food adulteration. Therefore, we have to protect our nation from food adulteration at any cost.

Paragraph 2:

At present, adulteration of food is one of the many problems in the life of Bangladeshis. According to a joint survey by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the Government of Bangladesh, 50 per cent of food items in the country and 60 per cent in Dhaka are adulterated. Essential food fish, meat, eggs, milk, sugar, salt, rice, flour, flour, oil, ghee, sweets, medicines — everything is adulterated. Even bottled ‘pure’ water called mineral water is adulterated. The saddest thing is that these fake and adulterated food items are being sold effortlessly with the label ‘pure’ or ‘authentic’. Occasional anti-adulteration inspections in the markets give a slight relief to the citizens but its effectiveness is not always visible, especially as adulteration of baby food and medicines is a threat to public health today. If you don’t get rid of it, the word ‘authentic’ will come out of food.

According to the report of the Institute of Public Health, 5398 samples of 43 food products were tested and 2116 were found to be horribly adulterated. Chemicals used in food adulteration include monosodium, etophene, calcium carbide, formalin, chalk powder, urea, margarine, animal fat, mineral oil, castor powder, naphthalene, brick powder, wood powder, etc. . Although these adulterated foods are harmful to everyone, they are dangerous for pregnant mothers and newborns.

New ‘items’ are constantly being added to the scope of adulteration. In the process of adulteration, extracts are added directly to the food grains. For example, sand, gravel, insect infested or damaged grains along with good grains for weight gain. Ghee is mixed with animal fat, sesame or coconut oil with cotton seeds, mustard seeds with mustard seeds, soybeans with palm oil. Flour, semolina and other products are also mixed in powdered milk. Used tea leaves, wood powder and dried leaf powder are mixed with tea. The spice is mixed with chilli or turmeric powder to increase the brightness of the color. Liquid glucose is often mixed with carboxy methyl cellulose instead of sugar syrup to make soft drinks. Fake juices are made using artificial and prohibited products in the name of various fruit juices.

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