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Whether it is a games night or you are planning a movie and planning a party, For all these you have requirements of some similar certain food. Which can make your party time even more fun exciting. What can you think more than pizza? With the DishPal pizza delivery system, you can order your pizza online or by phone and give details of what you want. Whatever toppings you like. You can select it. And you can also know about discounts and offers. If you are a customer of the DishPal app

So, while ordering pizza, whether from your phone or through the online delivery system, there are certain things you need to remember. Read on to know more-

Provide Your Correct Address

Many times it happens that after we order pizza or food, you have left that place or room while ordering from your home or outside. So maybe you have stayed in a hotel or somewhere outside and you have ordered pizza or food from the same. So you should either stay in your room or you should enter your hotel name, floor number and your room number. Or ask someone for delivery when they arrive.

There should be someone who can always attend to the delivery.

If you are in a hostel and the gate is closed and you are in the hostel. So you should speak to such a person that you can collect food order from the delivery boy. Keep it at the gate for delivery with money as it will save a lot of your time.

Provide a Number

While ordering pizza, you should always provide a phone number to the restaurant. Your number should also be shared with the delivery boy so that he can call you to know your exact location. If you are on your college campus and the gate is closed. So you should make sure that the driver calls you before delivery.

Always keep money ready

This is one of the essential tips when delivering pizza from any pizza & food.

If you are doing cash on delivery with online delivery systems. So you should keep your cash ready. Make sure you can make the throw payment of your card or not. Rather, by paying with the card, you can also Profit from the discount and coupon of the DishPal app. And collecting money from your friend will also be easy

Do not forget to tip the delivery boy.

Now This is something that some of you forget. Or avoid it, you have indeed paid for your product. But this delivery is not taken by the boy. The payment you have made Half of its portion goes to direct restaurants. So if you pay something apart from this, then the delivery boy gets extra income in the time of Covid-19, which helps him, which is absolutely appreciated.

Always Buy from Reputed Restaurants of  DishPal App

Around your city, there will be many restaurants and pizza parlours. All the City brands are available on the DishPal app. Out of which you can select your favourite store according to Your Choice. You will get

always Authentic Food & Pizza on DishPal App which will make your party and celebration night more colourful.

So these are some of the most important tips that you will have to follow when ordering your favourite food & pizza throw online or by phone from DishPal, you can order what you like. And enjoy your small home party with your friends and family

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