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Nine strategies to offer love

Just as there is a technique to get a government job, there is also a simple technique to offer love. Find out what they are –

1. Even though Bollywood adopts the rule of love proposal, it often fails. Beloved, no matter how modern she is, she is mentally Bangladeshi. Don’t think that the answer will come immediately if you make an offer. It takes a lot of waiting, a lot of patience.

2. Do not sit down with an offer to show once. Try to get to know the beloved first. It is very important to know his likes and dislikes.

3. Before proposing love, find out if anyone else has a deep love with the beloved. If so, don’t try to get in their way. Understand your own mind, move away by pressing the stone on the chest. Remember, this darling is not for you.

4. Saying “I love you” all the time works, but it’s not. The word of mouth must be true at work. If you can prove at work that you love him, then there is no need to express it in words. Beloved, this is how you will understand your mind. It will deepen your love.

5. It is better to find out about the house before proposing love to the beloved. If the matter is one-sided, it will not work. When dating, tell your loved one about yourself so that he or she does not have to worry about making decisions.

6. Suggest yourself. Not with the help of anyone else. If not, but the beloved will think you are a coward. Remember, you do not have the courage to offer love. This will create the possibility of rejecting love. Beloved, you can also misunderstand.

7. Do not offer love in e-mail or sms. You can give a letter. But not “I love you” in English, write “love”. There is weight in the word love, there is no weight in I love you.

8. Don’t be bored when proposing love. Don’t be afraid to be rejected in advance. Awaken faith in your mind. The real thing is to tell the beloved what is on your mind. Don’t worry in advance about whether he will agree or not.

9. If for some reason you do not get a positive answer to the love proposal, do not force the beloved or harass him later. You loved him, keep that love alive forever. Let the beloved be happy. Be good to yourself. Remember, “big love not only draws you closer, it pushes you farther.”

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