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Migrate Outlook Contacts to Thunderbird with Effective & Efficient Ways

Migrate Outlook Contacts to Thunderbird with Effective & Efficient Ways

In this guide, you will learn multiple methods to know how to migrate Outlook contacts to Thunderbird. At this time users are suffering a lot to transfer their Outlook contacts into Mozilla Thunderbird. But, they already try many approaches and still did not find any solution to resolve their task. So, don’t worry today in this article, we will discuss a complete & reliable solution through which users get resultant results for their problems.

There is no doubt that Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird are the most sought email client by users. And, both clients have their own features. With the popularity of MS Outlook, Thunderbird is competing with Outlook because Thunderbird is an open-source email service. Therefore, if you are a user who has recently shifted Thunderbird from Outlook and wants to migrate Outlook contacts to Thunderbird. Then, you can simply find the solution for this migration in the detailed blog where you will find a step-by-step process to move Outlook PST contacts to Thunderbird clients.

However, there in this post, you get two methods that are very helpful for you to resolve the issues in an easy & simple manner. Which are manual methods which can transfer Outlook PST files one by one. On the other hand, our automated professional tool is recommended by an expert. It also allows users to do multiple conversions in a single click. Let’s begin step-by-step migration for the same. But firstly we will know the reasons behind this migration process.

Reasons behind Transfer Outlook Contacts to Thunderbird 

There are several reasons that let users switch from Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird in an efficient manner. However, some of the main reasons are listed below in the steps:-

  • It let users work in an organized manner and perform search operations quickly.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird is easily accessible on multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.
  • As, Thunderbird creates an MBOX file to store mailbox data, which is further supported by multiple email clients.
  • Provides a chat feature also that let the user stay connected on Twitter, Facebook, and so on.
  • Moreover, it can be an easy-to-use interface and offers advanced functionalities to enhance performance.

After understanding the reasons, it is clear that users want to migrate their Outlook data to Mozilla Thunderbird and the most important is contacts. So, in the below section, we are going to discuss both the manual method as well as the professional solution to transfer Outlook contacts to Thunderbird. So, let us start with a manual method for migrating Outlook contacts to Thunderbird.

How to Import Outlook Contacts into Mozilla Thunderbird Manually? 

There is no manual method available that a user can try. Hence, the user can perform the same task in two different parts, which we discussed below in simple steps:-

  • Export Contacts from Outlook
  • Import Outlook Contacts to Thunderbird

Method 1: Export Contacts from Outlook in CSV Format

  • Firstly, open Microsoft Outlook and click the File tab.
  • Now, click on the Options from the displayed list
  • After that, from the Options Window, click on the Advanced tab
  • Next, under the Export section, hit on the Export button
  • Then, Import and Export Wizard dialog box, click on Export to a File >> Next
  • Now, you need to click on the Comma Separated Values (Windows) from the displayed list of formats under the Create a File of the Type section
  • After that, Select Folder to Export from the section, you need to choose the contacts folder from which contacts to be exported
  • Choose the destination location of your choice to save the exported file
  • Click on the browse button and choose the location. After choosing the location, hit on the OK button. The export process will begin here
  • Finally, as the process is completed successfully, click on Next and then hit on the Finish button.

After exporting Outlook contacts in CSV format, it’s time to import the CSV file as Mozilla Thunderbird and complete the migration process.

Method 2: Import Outlook Contacts to Thunderbird

Below are the steps to import the extracted CSV file from Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird, let us follow the same:-

  • Start the process, to open Thunderbird and go to the Tools menu.
  • Choose the Import option from the displayed drop-down menu
  • After that, click on the Address Book radio button in the Import window in order to import the contacts files. Click on the Next button
  • A list of options is displayed in front of you. Simply click on the Text file (LDIF, .tab, .csv, .txt) option and hit on the Next button
  • Next, you need to click on the Browse button to choose the CSV file that you want to import
  • Now, select the CSV file and check the First record contains the field names checkbox
  • Then, you have to click on the Move Up and Move Down buttons to confirm that the Outlook contacts fields match with that the Thunderbird contacts fields
  • You have also to make sure that the Primary Email line up with the email address and the Last name line up with its corresponding name
  • At the end, click on the OK button and then, on the Finish button in order to complete the process.

Now, after following the above steps, below are some manual limitations to performing this task using this method:-

Drawbacks of Manual Method

As we above-discussed a manual solution to migrate Outlook contacts to Thunderbird is not a feasible method. Sometimes, the converted files are not as appropriate as the original data. It means that there might be some data integrity and formatting problem. Moreover, if the manual process fails badly then it may damage the Outlook PST file. Another major drawback of the manual method is data loss which no one can afford.

“So, as you above perform a manual method and know all its limitations. Let us just recommend you go with our professional software which is easy & simple for any kind of issue and saves user time also and many more benefits. In the below section, we are going to discuss the same to make your task easier. Let’s take a look!”

Best Solution to Migrate Multiple PST Contacts into Mozilla Thunderbird 

Use the trusted 4n6 Outlook PST Converter Tool to transfer multiple Outlook Contacts to Thunderbird without losing any data. As we see, the manual method has many restrictions to performing the task. But, this tool has no size restrictions to migrate their PST files which is simple to use for both home and professional users. The PST file support exporting Email, Contacts, Tasks, Attachments, etc. And, also provides 10+ file formats including HTML, EML, MSG, PDF, MBOX, vCard, etc.

User can easily migrate their Outlook data as a Thunderbird without facing any risk during the migration process. Moreover, both technical as well non-technical users can easily use this tool without installing any other application.

After understanding that, what and how the software works. Let us follow the below working process to migrate multiple Outlook to Thunderbird in an easy manner.

Step-by-Step Solution of Professional Software to Migrate Outlook

Following are the working step that can easily transfer your Outlook data into Mozilla Thunderbird. Through these steps, you can complete your task on time without losing any single piece of your data information. Let’s begin with the same:-

  1. Launch and install the software on your Windows machine and click on the Open button to add the PST file.
  2. Now navigate the location and add the PST file in the PST file conversion software panel
  3. Choose one export option for the list as per your requirement
  4. After that, select the path to save the exported file on your system locally
  5. Finally, click on Save Button and the tool will start the PST file conversion process.

This is how we completed both methods to migrate Outlook contacts to Thunderbird. After using both methods you get your answer about what and how they work. So, we just suggest you go with our automated software which has no restrictions and risk-free solution. Or you can choose as per your requirements as well.”

Wrap Up 

There are two methods which are a manual solution and a professional solution that helps you to migrate Outlook contacts to Thunderbird. The manual approach is easy but creates some difficulties for a non-technical person. Also, it consumes a lot of user time & effort to complete their task. It allows users to do one by one migration process. But you don’t need to worry, we suggest automated software also which is an easy & quick solution, and also migrate multiple Outlook contacts into Mozilla Thunderbird. Both technical and non-technical users can easily use this tool without facing any hassle. Now, it’s your choice which method is suitable for your issues.




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