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Methods To Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working

People can easily use Yahoo Mail on their Android and iOS devices. They can use mail for their business and personal needs. Users can quickly download the Yahoo Mail app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store because it is a free app. It is also available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Sometimes users face issues with Yahoo Mail not working and their work also suffers. It becomes necessary for users to fix the quickly and resume their work. Users can also face various issues in Yahoo Mail but they can also resolve them quickly.

Why Is Yahoo Mail Not Working

There are various reasons for Yahoo Mail not working on Android and iPhone. Let us check the causes of the error.

  • Users are facing issues in loading Yahoo Mail
  • Yahoo Mail is crashing
  • Users face issues while signing Yahoo Mail
  • Yahoo Mail does not connect to a network connection
  • The problem in sending email attachments to Yahoo
  • Many others.

It becomes crucial for users to fix them quickly. Most of the time, users can easily resolve the is Yahoo Mail not working.

Methods to Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working on Android & iPhone

Many users want to know various ways to fix Yahoo Mail not working on Android. Here we discuss methods to fix Yahoo Mail not working on iPhone. Most of the methods are the same for fixing the error in iPhone and Android. Let us check the best ways to fix the error.

Check Its Server

Is Yahoo Mail not working for you? There is a possibility of a Yahoo server will go down. The server needs to be checked for problems. To find out if there is an issue, users can go to We can also check their social media platforms.

Hard Reset of iPhone & Android

To fix Yahoo Mail not working on iPhones, users can perform a hard reset. They can use the power and home buttons on the iPhone 6s and previous models can be pressed simultaneously for a few seconds. The button must now be released when we see the white Apple logo. Using the volume button instead of the home button is the same process for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. By pressing the volume button on iPhone 8 and later models, we can quickly release it. When the Apple logo appears, we can release the power button.

The process of hard resetting on an Android phone is simple. Users can again set the settings of Yahoo Mail because a hard reset erases all settings.

Use Yahoo Mail App

Yahoo Mail does not work on the iOS app or Android, so we need to use the Yahoo Mail app. From the Apple App Store & Google Play Store, we can quickly download the Yahoo Mail app. We can log in with accurate usernames and passwords after installing the app. When users enter all details correctly, they can quickly fix the error.

Review App Permissions

When we install the Yahoo Mail app, we must grant some permissions. We can’t use Yahoo Mail on Android when permissions aren’t enabled. The permissions need to be enabled in the settings so that they can work appropriately. It is also crucial to check our settings and permissions so it work properly.

Update iOS System & Android

It is also necessary to update our iOS system for it to function properly. We can check the latest update in settings. Click on any updates if they are available. We can fix Yahoo Mail not working on iPhones with this fix. Users can also fix Yahoo Mail not working on Android by updating their system.

Enable Mobile Data

Users must enable mobile data. Sometimes when we use the wifi, it does not work properly, so there is a need to enable mobile data on Android and iPhone. Sometimes when we change the network Yahoo Mail not working is fixed with this simple technique.

Delete and Re-add Yahoo Mail

Sometimes settings of Yahoo Mail are wrong or corrupted. There is a need to delete Yahoo Mail from your iPhone or Android phone. After this, we can again add our device. The process is simple so let us check their steps.

  • Users can go to Settings > Accounts & Passwords on their phones.
  • Now users click on our Yahoo account
  • Here users delete accounts from their phone mail.
  • Now users can again to Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Add Account.
  • There is a need to add our Yahoo account again with an accurate Yahoo Mail address and correct credentials.

Wrap Up

Users can use the above methods to fix Yahoo Mail not working on Android. They can apply the same methods to resolve the Yahoo Mail not working on iPhone issue. It is also vital for users to check their networks before they start fixing the error.

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