Mahmudullah about the conflict with Shakib

Although the start of the 2019 World Cup was great, Bangladesh could not do well in the end due to poor team performance. But Shakib Al Hasan was always great in that World Cup.

But after the match against England, there is a rift between Mahmudullah and Shakib, according to the country’s media.

Co-captain Shakib Al Hasan has informed the team management to remove Mahmudullah from the team due to his slow batting. But there is no truth in this matter. And Mahmudullah himself said so.

He made it clear that he would never share the dressing room with anyone. And there was no talk with Shakib. Where will the quarrel come from?

“I want to say two things,” Mahmudullah told Cricfranji, a news portal based online recently. One. The dressing room is a place that is our own.

I respect everyone’s own place. Many people are involved in emotions, many people are involved in suffering, many people are involved in sweating. The blood of many may be involved. ”

“A lot of times when we go fielding, our hands and feet get cut off. I will never share the dressing room with anyone, never. I don’t like it either. I don’t even want any of my teammates to do it. ”- Riyadh added.

He added, “The second thing is, even if something comes out, it should come out properly. Broken broken so that nothing comes. The words that came out were not true, I repeat. The whole truth was not here. The thing was presented differently.

Which made me a little disappointed. There was talk about the issue between Shakib and me. Nothing really happened between Shakib and me. Nothing happened. Where will the quarrel come from? ”

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