Iggy Azalea ; a Single Mom ? Shares The First Photos of the Baby Boy

Iggy AzaleaThe celebrity baby-boy is not hidden from the world anymore. These 30 years-old Grammy Award-nominated rappers finally shares the beautiful baby-face with the world. The ‘Fancy Rapper’ confirmed the arrival of the baby boy named Onyx four months ago.

The arrival of the beautiful baby boy brought tons of joy among her fans. Iggy shared the news in an Insta story in June, saying, ‘I have a son’. The celeb-mom added, ‘I love him beyond words’.

The new mom shared the picture of her boy on Instagram early Sunday. In the picture, Iggy was holding Onyx, and as we all can see, motherhood made Iggy even more beautiful. She was wearing a fitting black dress. She also wore a matched black corset with that. The stunning mom was holding the young man, wearing blue shorts, a light-colored printed T-Shirt, and a bib with the bumblebee prints. Telling the world that what a blessing he is in her life, Azalea captioned the photo with an angel emoji. Four months back, while revealing the name of the baby, she quoted,’I love him beyond words’.

Recently, a lot seems to be happening in Azalea’s life. She not only revealed the photo of the baby to the world, but she also declared that she no more shares a relationship with rapper Playboi Carti. They both met in the year 2018, and after a while, they started dating. Three months after declaring their relationship to the world, the couple moved in together. The American rapper, aged 24, shares that the interview with Fader back in 2019 had a big impact on their relationship.

In July 2019, rumors started to spread about their engagement. The diamond ring on her left hand indicated that their relationship was taken to another level. However, any of them did not declare anything about that.

On Friday night, Iggy posted something that was no less than a shock to her fans. She wrote, ‘You lost a real 1,’ on her Instagram story.  She also added, ‘People take loyalty for granted & That’s why I’d rather be alone.’ This gave birth to the question on their current relationship status.

On Saturday, Iggy, herself cleared all the doubts by posting a new Insta story. She further declared, ‘What I meant last night was that I’m raising my son alone & I’m not in a relationship’. The statement confirms their separation, and by that, Iggy declares herself as a single mother. However, she never announced the identity of the father of her son to the world.

Azalea’s Instagram stories hint that there have been some issues between the Playboi Carti and herself. The posted giving a hint that probably, her loyalty was not valued enough in that relationship, saying, ‘People take loyalty for granted & that’s why I’d rather be alone’.

Azalea starts a new life being single. However, she is not alone in this anymore, as she has her little baby boo as a bundle of joy. The world is eager to see the best mother-son duo growing up.

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