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How to Unlock Excel VBA Project Without Password?

How to Unlock Excel VBA Project Without Password?

In this article, we’ll examine the methods to unlock excel VBA project without password. Users searching for information on how to open a password-protected VBA project in Excel can read this article.

Are you having trouble discovering a way to unlock excel VBA project without password? Have you considered using a manual procedure for the same? Do you also want it done quickly? You have come to the correct site if you answered yes to each of these questions. All of the aforementioned topics will be covered in this blog. But first, we’d want to educate people about VBA files (visual basic application). We’ll also go through a fast fix that promises to unprotect the VBA excel project in a trustworthy way.

What are Excel VBA Files?

Visual Basic for Applications is referred to as VBA. It is a Microsoft Office application that is frequently utilized by programs like MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. These apps work more effectively thanks to this fundamental source code. A VBA password is a security code that prevents unauthorized access to VBA files. These passwords are undoubtedly a fantastic technique to secure and conceal workbooks.

Unfortunately, people leave companies, passwords disappear, and people forget. If customers are under time pressure or can’t recall how they programmed their projects, this might be a dreadful predicament. Therefore, users now require a moment to reclaim access to their VBA code. So, be calm! We have developed some amazing techniques that will enable you to unlock excel VBA project without password.

User Query;

Users can better appreciate the necessity for this password removal method by reading the situations that the next user posts. These questions come from Microsoft users who post in various tech forums and on social media sites.

“I need a password-protected copy of one of my juniors’ excel files because he left the business and VBA files are often utilized at the company I work for. We made an effort to reach him but were unable. I employed a variety of techniques to do my work because I needed that file immediately. Sadly, nothing I do seems to help. All my attempts have failed, and I have made the decision to publish my inquiry here. Please, someone, explain to me how to unlock excel VBA project without password.”

“Hello! My Excel VBA project’s password has to be removed. Furthermore, I simply need the VBA project password to be unlocked in Excel 2013, not from any workbook or worksheet. Can somebody provide me with a reliable method to get around the VBA password? I want to say thank you.”

Unprotect Excel Sheet VBA Without Password by Using Manual Method 

We will cover two approaches unlock excel VBA project without password in this section. One is manual, whereas the other makes use of an outside tool. Any of these ways can be chosen by the user based on their convenience.

  1. Create a new Microsoft Word document.
  2. At this point, press Alt and F11.
  3. Select a Module by selecting Insert.
  4. Then, in the General Window, enter the following code and then Input F5
  5. Select the Word document you want to unlock, then click Open.
  6. A little period of time afterward, a tiny pop-up box will appear. Successful recovery of the password from an encrypted word file!
  7. Now click OK to dismiss the pop-up box.
  8. The document that encrypts data will be opened.
  9. Then, click the File tab and choose the option for document protection.
  10. Select the option for Encrypt with Password.
  11. To remove the VBA project password from the.doc file, just remove the password from the text box and click the OK button.
  12. The paper can be opened without a password the next time.

Demerits of Manual Approach 

The manual technique to unlock excel VBA project without password is not regarded as the best alternative since manual methods are almost always constrained in some manner. Which are:

  1. The manual process is extremely laborious and baffling.
  2. Non-technical users are ineffective
  3. It takes a lot of time.

Important Information: If the password is longer than 7 characters, this approach will not work. Try the second option next to save time.

Automatic Solution to Unlock Excel VBA Project Without Password

Naturally, using the manual technique sounds simple and is free. However, this approach has a high risk of data loss and necessitates technical expertise to use it. So, if your excel file contains any crucial information, we advise sticking with 4n6 VBA Password Remover Software. One of the tried-and-true techniques is this one. This sophisticated tool can easily unlock VBA project Excel from any form of a file, such as .xlsm, .xls, .doc, etc. In addition, it is a great tool that resets a new password in place of any length of an old lost or forgotten VBA password.

Additionally, the software has developed special capabilities that unlock VBA projects in Excel 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007 as follows:

  1. Take passwords out of the VBA document
  2. Suitable including all MS Office editions
  3. Retrieve any length VBA password
  4. Remove previous passwords and create new ones
  5. Open and change a multilingual VBA project password

How to Use this Automatic Software?

  1. Go to the official product page and then download and install this automatic software
  2. After that, click the Open button and then and then upload the excel VBA project by taping the Excel file option
  3. Thereafter, click the Action button and then select the Remove Password option
  4. Finally, choose the destination path for excel VBA files and then hit the save button 

Note: If you want know more about this topic and this automatic solution, so click on the link: Unprotect Excel VBA Password


One of the key problems is how to unlock excel VBA project without password. After taking into account the aforementioned circumstance, we have spoken about two solutions to this problem. VBA files are therefore extremely important and are used to store vital data. Typically, we password-protected these files. As a result, we have concentrated on one manual way of removing the Excel VBA project password. Users can choose an automatic approach to unprotect an Excel VBA project without a password in addition to the manual workaround.



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