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How To Scrape Emails And Other Data From Google Maps?

How Can I Find Emails From Google Maps Without Any Tention?

Google Maps consists of millions of active users and businesses which makes it one of the best platforms to find potential business leads. There is plenty of space available on Google Maps to find your next prospect with the right targeting efforts.

Everyone wants to scrape Google Maps to engage with real businesses and to connect with such businesses to improve their brand awareness & also bring organic traffic to their website. The major problem that people face while searching and scraping emails from Google Maps is that it is not feasible to find emails manually. However, By using a Google Maps Scraper, you can make the email-finding process completely automatic without any hassle.

What Is The Best Email Extractor Software For Google Maps?

Using the Google Maps Email Extractor you can find Google Maps business emails directly from Google Maps business listings. Targeting Google Maps is an efficient way of finding b2b leads as you only target people that are similar to your niche & when you scrape a business listing it targets multiple Google Maps profiles rather than scraping information of a single profile.

It is likely that reaching out to businesses already interested in your niche will also increase your probability of getting a response. The Google Maps Extractor maximizes your marketing efforts & also increases your business reach. Get your next prospect from Google Maps business profiles with the tool explained in this article.

There are plenty of ways to find someone’s email on Google Maps but each method will end up consuming a long time if you are planning to find emails from many Google Maps business profiles.

You can search for emails of Google Maps businesses on their profile page or even contact them to know the email data although it will take you plenty of time to do that manually. In the long run, you will eventually feel the need to find a Google Maps scraping tool that can automatically find emails from the profiles of Google Maps businesses.

How To Use The Google Map Extractor Software?

Step 1: Download The Google Maps Scraper

If you haven’t already downloaded the Google Map Extractor software, you can download it from our website Once you have downloaded the software, you can use the Google Maps Data Extractor for Google Maps Scraping.

Step 2: Find Data From Google Maps 

We are all set to start scraping Google Maps business listings now. Visit the Google Maps business profiles that you want to scrape. We can scrape emails from business listings and from the website of the owner. You can find data on Google Maps with categories, keywords, business listing URLs, zip codes, and addresses of the businesses.

Step 3: Extract Data From Google Maps

Once you find and select data for scraping, click ‘Start Scraping’ to start the process of Google Maps Scraping. The first 1000-1200 business profiles will be scraped quickly however, the Google Map Extractor might take some more time to scrape massive data from some extra Google Maps company profiles.

During the Google Maps scraping process, you can stop the scraping whenever you want & still get the results of all the Google Maps accounts scraped. However, if you want to scrape the same business profiles again then the data scraper will save the previous search history for your comfort.

Step 4: Download Data From Google Maps

The last step in the process of Scraping data from Google Maps is to download your scraped results. After the Google Maps scraping is completed click on the ‘Export Data‘ button to export data from the software screen to your computer/pc where you will be able to save the scraped data.

You won’t be able to use or copy the data unless you download data from your computer or buy the license of the Google Maps Extractor. You are able to scrape email addresses, phone numbers, social media links, addresses, ratings, reviews, latitudes, longitude, established dates, and much more from a business listing by using this Google Maps Listing Scraper.

Usman Abbasi
Usman Abbasi
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