How to Prepare Custard Paragraph

Write a short paragraph about ‘How to Prepare Custard’ answering the following questions.
a. What is custard?
b. What is fond of custard ?
c. How can we make custard ?
d. What things are needed to make custard?
e. What should we first do to make custard ?
f. What is the food value of custard?
g. How do you evaluate custard for our body?

How to Prepare Custard / How to Make Custard Paragraph

To-day custard is a very popular and common food in our country. It is a traditional food item. Bangladeshi people are very fond of custard. Making custard is very cheap, easy and interesting. So, everyone should know how to make custard. In order to make custard he has to do certain things. At first, he has to wash fruits and peel them well. Then, he has to cut the fruits into small pieces and keep them in a bowl. Now he has to boil the milk in a pot. Next, he has to mix sugar in the milk and stir it well. He has to take the custard powder in a small cup, pour four table spoons of cold milk and mix well. Now he has to pour the mixture into the boiling water and stir it well. He has to boil it for five minutes. While boiling, he should stir it all the time. After that, he has to take the pot off the stove. He has to let it cool. Finally, he should pour it into the fruit bowl. Now the custard is ready to serve as well as eat. In this way , anyone can easily prepare custard.

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