How to make a website for free

If you want to make a website for free, you should read this article. There are so many options are available to make a website for free. If you have good coding knowledge, you can create your own website with simply by coding and then you need just a free web hosting. And if you do not know the coding, you can choose a free CMS platform with unlimited bandwidth. Here i have discussed some methods to make a free website.

With blogger:

Blogger is powered by google. And its mail site link is If you do not know any coding this is the best site for creating a blog / website for free. In this platform you can also design your site as you want. To make a website or blog with this site, just open an account on this site by login with your gmail account. Here you can make unlimited numbers of website blog.

There are no coasts for this service. In the blogspot, you can add your own custom domain for free. If you have a to level domain, you can set this domain to the blogger site. And also there is no limit of bandwidth for traffic to your site. So this is the best place to create or make a website or blog for free. Keep in mind this is the sister concern of google, so this site never go shut down. You can make your website or blog without any hesitation.

With WordPress:

WordPress also a big Cm to make any website for free. You can visit and create an account to the site. You can make website in their own hosting or you can make website in your own hosting server. This is defends on you. If you like to host your wordpress site in your own hosting, you have to install the wordpress CMS in your hosting server. You can take free hosting from, or you can buy a web hosting from host gator.

I think you have taken a free hosting from any free hosting site with cpanel. If you have search on google by this keyword “Free web hosting with cpanel” you will get many websites of free hosting. You have to register your account in that website. After registering your account you will get your hosting with cpanel login details.

Just login your cpanel and upload the wordpress CMS zip file. Than extract the zip file with extractor in cpanel. Then just install the site. Before start your installation, you have to create a database with a user account. Where you can install this wordpress CMS.

Dear friends, here i have discussed only the basics of a site making process. But you have to know the wide knowledge to install and make a website in cpanel. If you have any query, you comment below, i will help you from my all knowledge.

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