How to get free traffic to your site

Every website owners hope is more and more traffic to their site. Because traffic is the focus of a website owner. So if you are a website owner, than you also need traffic to your site. If you can get traffic to your site for free, you will never invest money for paid traffic for your site. And also paid traffics are not so effective for your business. So How you should market your site to get huge free unlimited traffic ? i have many ideas for that. Here i have discussed about some methods to get unlimited free traffics to your site.

1. From Google search engine:
Peoples are getting huge new experiences with google search engine every day. There are a billion of peoples are searching on google to get new experience about their own topics. So this is the best source to get huge traffic to your site. And we know that, always google free of charge and will be forever. So if you like to get traffic to your site for free, you should submit your site to google search engine.

2. From social networks:
Day by day social network sites are becoming more popular to people. Almost every country peoples of the world, use social network sites. There are so many social network sites are online. But some of these very popular to the whole world. Like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. If you can make a good account on these social network site and if you can make a good communication with huge peoples on these social networks, than you can get huge free traffic of your site.

3. From bing search engine:
Bing is also a big search engine in the world. After google, this is most popular search engine in the whole world. So if you add your site to bing webmaster center, then you can get some more free traffic to your site. Some peoples do not submit their site to bing, but they do not know they are loosing how much traffic from this source. So this search engine should be your another good traffic source.

4. From social bookmarking sites:
Social bookmark sites are now very popular to all web marketer. This is huge opportunity to get huge free traffic to your site. Social bookmarking also more effective for search engine ranking for your site. We know the more ranking your site on google, the more traffic to your site. So Social bookmarking is the best source to get huge free traffic to your site.

5. From article directory sites:
Article directory sites are very good source for free traffic. If you post an article to an article directory site, you will get two benefits, one is traffic and two is a good quality back link. If you want to get targeted traffic to your site for free, article directory sites are very helpful for you. Because here you can post your product related articles. So if any visitor read your article, he also will know about your business of topics. So you should not avoid this system to get more free traffic to your business site.

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