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How to Export Lotus Notes Database to CSV format?

How to Export Lotus Notes Database to CSV format?

Summary – Do you ever tried to export Lotus Notes contacts to CSV Format without the installation of Lotus Notes? If not, now you can export easily without facing any obstacles. Here, we will discuss how can you export Lotus Notes Database to CSV File format. Moreover, you can straightforwardly use a third-party tool such as Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter.

Nowadays, Lotus Notes is very common among email clients and is used for both the purposes for personal and professional. This email client provides numerous features and functions to its users. On the Other hand, Microsoft Excel files or stores any data in tabular forms save as CSV File formats. So, most users prefer to opt for such file formats. 

Needs for Lotus Notes Export to CSV File Formats

There are various reasons why users prefer for opting CSV for files rather than the Lotus Notes file format, NSF. The reasons are as follows: 

  • Users can directly opt for the CSV files to get access anywhere, whether they are using mobile or a computer. 
  • Users can easily take a backup of their respective files.
  • CSV files occupy minimum space, and we can easily share files quickly. 
  •  Lotus Notes has a complicated and complex GUI in comparison to Outlook has an easy-to-use GUI.
  • Users can quickly add multiple accounts in MS Outlook. 
  • Microsoft Outlook offers high-security options and advanced data management. 

Here, you can see that we have given various reasons to opt for CSV Files, not NSF Files contacts. Let’s discuss numerous methods to Export Lotus Notes to CSV Format. 

How to Export Lotus Notes Database to CSV in Numerous Manners?

In this section, we distribute manual methods in two different steps. After that, we will also discuss the professional method with the third-party tool. 

  • Lotus Notes Export to CSV file format
  • Import CSV File formats to MS Outlook
  • By using the Professional Method 

Step 1: Export NSF files to CSV File Format

  • First, Download and Run the IBM Lotus Notes application on your local system.
  • After that, Go to File > Export button. 
  • After opening your Export Utility, specify the location path where you want to save your chosen file.
  • Moving Further, select the file format > Comma Separated Value option > type name of your file > Export.
  • After choosing the CSV file format, select the desired options. Press the Ok button.  

Step 2: Import CSV File Contacts to MS Outlook

  • After Launching MS Outlook Application on your local system, go to the File menu.
  • Moving further, click on the Open & Export tab > Import/Export icon.
  • Then, Pick the Import from Another File option > Next button.
  • After that, choose the Comma Separated Values option and hit the Next button.
  • Now, click the Browse button to select your above exported CSV file formats > click the Open button > Next button.
  • In the end, just select the checkbox for additional options. Press Finish Button.  

You have clearly seen that we have successfully completed the manual method to export Lotus Notes Database to CSV file formats.  

Drawbacks of Performing the Manual Method 

Every manual method has some limitations. Let’s discuss them. 

  • The manual steps are very complex to understand the first time.
  • Non-technical users cannot perform and understand without expert knowledge.  
  • While converting NSF files to CSV files, there is a high risk of losing your crucial information.  
  • Users are not allowed to migrate all databases. 

Therefore, if you don’t want to go with the manual method, you can effortlessly go with a third-party tool such as Sysinfo Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter Tool. 

Professional Method to Export Lotus Notes Database to CSV File Contacts

For overcoming all failures of the manual method, you can directly opt Sysinfo Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter Tool. This software is efficient, and its GUI is easy-to-use. This tool allows users to export Lotus Notes Database to CSV file format. Users can directly use this utility to remove their duplicate files and also export files in bulk safely and securely. Through this, users can check their chosen files from the preview feature. There is no limitation while uploading large-sized NSF databases. Users can also set their date range while saving their Lotus Notes emails in a particular folder. It is highly compatible with all versions of MS Outlook and Windows OS

End Words

Here, we are, to sum up. We have discussed two different methods, manual and professional. In the manual method, you need to follow some steps, and on the other hand, professional methods require only third-party tools. You can straightforwardly choose that method where you feel comfortable performing them. 



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