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How to Draw Bubble Letters

How to Draw Bubble Letters. The letters of our alphabet can express all sorts of things. We can create anything we want by building words that can become scientific formula poems and stories, to name a few applications.

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However, we can further expand the letters’ meaning, and their appearance can also add to this. Bubble letters can add a sense of fun and happiness to an occasion, making a bubble letter drawing tutorial very useful for creating this fun font!

How to Draw Bubble Letters

Step 1

For this first step of our bubble letter drawing guide, you will need a pencil to help you plan. We’ll focus on the first three letters of the alphabet in this guide,

but once you get the hang of it, you can apply what you’ve learned to other letters and numbers. Use the lightest pencil to draw A, B, and C as they normally look. We’ll use a pencil for now, as it’s just there to guide you and won’t appear in the final image.

Step 2

After extracting the letters from the first step, you can use the pen to create more shapes for this part of the bubble letter design. For the A, you can use two larger ovals with horizontal angles touching at the top.

Then you can use another smaller oval in between for the center of the A. Then for the letter B, you can use a thick, long vertical oval with two thin, curved shapes for the injured parts of the letter.

Finally, you can use a single curved sausage-like shape for the letter C to create that letter over the planned one you drew.

Step 3

So far in this guide, we have used a pencil to draw bubble letters, but from now on, you can start using the pen.

With the shapes you drew in the previous step, you can start tracing the edges of those shapes on the left side of the letters. As our reference image shows, we’ll draw the other sides of the letters in the next few steps.

Step 4

In this next step of bubble letter design, we will finish other outlines. Carefully draw the pencil shapes you drew earlier to complete the outlines of A and B. Then, use two small lines curving inwards on the letter C.

Step 5

You can finally finish the letter drawing part you worked on in this step of our bubble letter drawing guide. Finally, you can draw a small triangular shape inside the A. To form holes, you can use two small circles in each letter bubble for the B.

Finally, you can draw the rest of the C. Now that these letters are drawn with a pen, you can erase the pencil lines you used. Before moving on to the last step, you can use the steps in this guide to drawing more alphabet letters!

To do this, you must follow the steps to draw the letters as they appear and then use some basic shapes to build on top of this skeleton. If you get the hang of it, maybe you could write your name in this style!

Step 6

Drawing your bubble letters is complete at this point, and there is only one thing left to do! Now that they’re designed, you can bring them to life in amazing colors. This step is where you should get creative with choosing the colors you want to use.

This lettering works well for fun occasions and gives off a bright, happy vibe when viewed. Because of this, if I were coloring this bubble letter design, I would use the brightest, most vibrant colors I could. It would also look great with a few more muted colors if you prefer!

Once you know what colors you want for this image, you can have fun choosing the artistic media to use to bring the colors to life. If you choose a lighter color scheme, acrylic paints, crayons, or markers can help bring out the colors!

Your Bubble Letters Drawing is Finished!



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