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How to Convert NSF files to PST format?

How to Convert NSF files to PST format?

Summary: This technical write-up will inform you about the scenarios where users look to convert NSF to PST files. Moreover, after briefly explaining the reasons for conversion, we will go into some methods to convert the NSF files.

Do you use Outlook for managing your email account? You may also know that Outlook uses PST files to store its complete data. Users can easily view Outlook content even without being connected to the internet, making it a reliable email client. On the other hand, Lotus Notes is also an advanced platform which allows users to manage their mail accounts. However, HCL Notes is quite challenging to operate as compared to Outlook. Many users look to convert NSF to PST for multiple issues, which we will discuss in this write-up.

Talking about the solution to do the file conversion depends upon several factors like how many files need to be converted, time horizon, and much more. If you are planning to migrate the data of multiple mailboxes, then the manual conversion method needs to have the ability to convert multiple NSF files in one go.

This blog will present the method of converting the NSF file through the manual method and the third-party converter tool. Before moving forward, check out some reasons which push users to move into Outlook.

Explore Several Reasons for NSF to PST file Conversion 

  • Microsoft Outlook provides better features to protect the data of the Outlook user.
  • Outlook is cost-effective compared to HCL Notes, and even the Lotus Notes maintenance is much higher.
  • The user interface of Lotus Notes is difficult to understand, at least for the non-technical user.
  • Users can access multiple accounts simultaneously, whereas Lotus Notes users cannot manage several accounts at one time.
  • Lotus Notes takes large system memory to run, which puts the load on other running applications on the system.
  • Outlook also provides data access to users in the Offline mode, whereas HCL Notes users only have access to the data while connecting with the internet.
  • User needs to purchase the Lotus Notes separately, but Outlook comes with the Microsoft Office suite.

How does the user approach manually to convert NSF into PST?

It is evident that users may utilize the free method before looking here and there for an alternative conversion solution. To convert NSF to PST through the manual method, the user must follow two methods. It includes exporting the NSF files into CSV files, and thereafter, you must import the resultant CSV to the Outlook account.

To follow the above-mentioned approach, look for the procedure discussed below:

  • Go to your Lotus Notes account with the required login details.
  • Now open the file, tap on the HCL Notes and click on Open.
  • Select Lotus Notes application, and then in the next window, click on browse to choose the NSF file. You need to click on Open to view the selected NSF file.
  • Now, click on the Export button from the File menu. In the Export dialogue box, make sure to provide details like file name, location to save the resultant file, and file saving type.
  • After that, click on the Ok button to export the NSF files into CSV file format.

Steps to Import the Resultant CSV to PST

  1. The first step for a user is to open the Outlook account and followed by clicking on the File tab.
  2. Then, click on Open & Export and select the Import/Export option.
  3. Now from the Import Export file wizard, select Import from another program or file option. Click Next to go to the next procedure.
  4. Using the browse, users can select their CSV files and choose one option from the given options.
  5. Select the folder from Outlook wherein you need to save the data.
  6. At last, hit on the Finish button to start the import process.

Once you can execute the above-discussed steps to convert NSF to PST, you can see your Lotus Notes data in Outlook. However, following the above-mentioned is only a cup of tea for some users. Especially if you are a non-technical user, you need help to use it due to the complexity involved.

Instead, use the third-party tool to convert NSF to PST files without facing issues because of the better user interface and working feasibility. However, finding reliable software is a bit challenging as not all converter utilities can offer such advanced functionalities to make the conversion easier. Therefore, through this technical write-up, we will suggest one solution to convert NSF to PST, providing users with an intuitive environment to make the conversion successful.

Why will we not recommend users to convert NSF into PST using the manual method?

  • The first and foremost drawback of the manual NSF to PST conversion is the ability to produce the resultant file with any extension.
  • The manual solution does not allow to direct convert NSF to PST, and the user needs to go with a long way/indirect method to make the conversion.
  • Users can only convert one NSF file simultaneously, making the overall migration process of any organization a bit lengthier.
  • All users may need to be more comfortable operating the manual method, which will also depend on several reasons like lack of technical knowledge, skills, etc.
  • Even the Export/Import process may not be able to maintain the same integrity of data after conversion.

All such downsides make the need for a reliable alternative that can convert NSF to PST without posing any risk to data and in time. Now, we will foray into one such solution, making it easier for you to complete the conversion rapidly.

Easier Way to Process the NSF to PST File Conversion

One of the better ways to accomplish your conversion task is by choosing the Shoviv NSF to PST converter. It is well-designed software with an intuitive user interface, making the work easier for the non-tech user. Moreover, it is one of the tool to convert NSF to PST file format. The software sets no restriction on adding multiple NSF files of any size. To add the NSF files from the system, the tool provides two different options: the Add and Search buttons. If you don’t know the exact location where you have saved the NSF files, then the search facility will help to find out the NSF files.

Users can review data after adding the NSF files to ensure that only the required data goes for the conversion. Using the software filter facility, it’s easier to add or remove the required data. In order to make sure that the process will go smoother, opt for the incremental export option. Alongside you can also set the file size for the resultant PST. The software will also show you the live process log, which will cover total exported items, filter items, failed items, etc.

After completing the process to convert NSF to PST, the tool allows downloading the process report.

Simple Steps to convert Lotus Notes NSF files through Shoviv NSF to PST Converter

  • Install the NSF to PST converter on your system and run it in order to convert your NSF files.
  • Now you can add the required NSF files with the help of various options. If you don’t know the exact location of the files, you can use the Search NSF files option. Otherwise, go with other available options.
  • After adding the desired NSF files, the user can check each & every added item in the preview pane before processing for the conversion. After that, click on Outlook PST from the ribbon bar section.
  • Now you can choose which folder and sub-folder you need to include in the conversion. After selecting them, press the Next button.
  • Select the folder where you need to save the PST file through the software browse button. You can even make the Unicode PST file. Choose the preferred size for the resultant PST file using the Split PST file size option. Also, check in the Incremental export option. Now click on Next to continue.
  • It is the last step before start converting the NSF files. Users can export only the required data, such as contacts, calendars, documents, emails, etc. You can also add the data range from where you need to the emails. Other features like email translation & folder mapping features are available, which you can apply as per your need. Click Next to proceed ahead.
  • The software will now start the process to convert NSF to PST, which will take its time according to the total size of added data. Meanwhile, the user can watch the live process log, which will display information such as total item process, failed, filtered, etc. Once the tool is done with the conversion, click the Finish button to end it.


Please be informed that the NSF file conversion task is more complex than it seems. Users need to have desired skills and the right method to convert NSF to PST successfully. However, this blog has explained to you the different approaches to go for file conversion. Therefore, go with that solution which will provide better functionalities in terms of data processing speed, allows multiple file conversion, and much more.



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