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How to Convert MBOX to PDF With Attachments – Technical Guide

Best Solutions to Converter MBOX to PDF With Attachments in Bulk

It is common for users to want to convert MBOX files to PDF files for various reasons. PDF documents are accessible from any device and operating system. The PDF files, however, have a couple of advantages that we will explore in this article. 


Throughout this technical guide, you will learn how to convert MBOX into PDF format. Users prefer the PDF format over all other file formats because of its numerous advantages. Thus, they are always searching for different methods to convert MBOX to PDF with attachments. Additionally, PDF files are ideally suited for MBOX users for a variety of reasons.


Several email clients, including Thunderbird, store their data in MBOX files. In addition to all email items in the mailbox, it also includes all mailbox data. Despite this, users complain about being unable to access MBOX files on all platforms. They are keen to convert MBOX files to PDF or another format that they can access easily.


Why You Should Convert MBOX Files to PDF


Consider these reasons below if you want to convert MBOX emails to PDF.


  • The data contained in PDF files can be protected by encrypting the files and applying a password that the user defines.
  • It does not affect the formatting or data integrity of PDF files when they are transferred from one system to another.
  • Furthermore, PDF files have much higher productivity than MBOX files due to their accessibility. Also, PDF files can be opened and viewed on any system.
  • Compared to MBOX files, PDF files take up less space.
  • Using PDF files for legal and official documents is extremely easy, as they can be printed from any device.


MBOX files should be converted to PDF for the reasons listed above. Moreover, it emphasizes the importance of saving MBOX emails as PDFs. We will now look at the methods for doing this.


What is the Best Way to Convert MBOX to PDF?


Thunderbird to PDF conversion is both advantageous and disadvantageous, depending on whether it is done manually or using a Thunderbird to PDF converter. To complete the process, you can make use of them accordingly.


Method 1: Manually Convert Thunderbird MBOX to PDF 

Method 2: Convert MBOX Emails to PDF Using the Software Solution


Thunderbird MBOX Emails can be converted to PDF files using either method. While the manual MBOX to PDF conversion process has some advantages, it also has some limitations. Using our step-by-step guide, we will now show you how to convert MBOX to PDF.


Method 1: Convert Thunderbird MBOX to PDF 


Thunderbird emails cannot be converted to PDF using this free method when converted in bulk. Method 2 can be used if you want to convert MBOX files to PDF files in bulk. For now, we are only going to convert a few mbox emails to pdf.


Step 1: Export Thunderbird Emails as PDF Documents 


  1. Start the process by launching the Thunderbird application on your currently working operating system.
  2. Now, Go to the menu bar and then select the Add-ons and Themes options.
  3. Then in the find, more add-ons bar, enter the ImportExportTools NG option. 
  4. Add the ImportExportTools NG add-on to your Thunderbird account.
  5. Now, after installing the Add-on restart your Thunderbird application.
  6. Select the email you want to convert into PDF files. Right-click on the email and then select the Save Selected Messages option and click the PDF Format.
  7. After selecting the PDF file format, you will get a pop-up message that will contain the message “If you use this format (PDF), it will not be possible to import exported messages.” Click OK if you are sure to proceed.

  8. Another note will be pop-up in the MBOX to the PDF conversion process that is “If you export in this format, the attachments are not saved. If you want to save also the attachments, choose a different format.” If you are sure to continue then click the Ok button. 
  9. Finally, select the destination location to save the converted MBOX to a PDF file. 

Thunderbird MBOX to PDF Conversion Drawbacks


  1. The exported messages cannot be imported if you are using the PDF format.
  2. Thunderbird emails cannot be converted to PDF files without compromising security.
  3. A PDF file cannot be exported from MBOX without Import/Export Tools NG.
  4. users can’t save their attachments from MBOX files to PDF File format. A different file format is needed for this.

As a result of all the above drawbacks, users are searching for alternative methods for converting MBOX files to PDF files with attachments.


Method 2: Best MBOX to PDF Converter for All MBOX Conversion


Use the best MBOX Converter Tool developed by SysKare. It is the highly recommended and secure tool to convert Thunderbird emails to PDF File format with attachments. This utility not only allows you to convert the MBOX file to PDF File format but also provides you with 10+ saving file formats and email data filters. By using the saving file formats and advanced filters you can easily convert bulk or selective MBOX Files into PDF File format.


However, to understand the working of this utility, you can free download the demo version of this MBOX to PDF Converter tool within your currently working OS. This tool provides you complete freedom to convert MBOX emails into any file format, desktop clients, and cloud services. 


So, without wasting any single second, free download the demo version of this utility and start converting MBOX files to PDF File format with attachments in both Windows and Mac machines.  


Final Words


Well, finally. In this article, we described the best manual method to convert MBOX to PDF File format with attachments. But, in the manual method, you will face some of the limitations such as converting MBOX to PDF without attachments, Exporting email messages that don’t convert, and containing data that will be compressed and altered. On the other hand to remove all the manual procedure limitations, use the fully automatic MBOX to PDF Converter tool to convert bulk MBOX Files to PDF File format with attachments. 




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