How to choose shower floor drains?

Whether you’re building a brand-new bathroom, or renovating an existing one, the drainage system is the most important component. Bathroom floor drains have to deal with hair, dirt, soap, clogs and water – and we must choose hygienic and durable options to keep our bathrooms clean.

For example, you might discover that your choice of tiles or the planned bathroom layout could hamper the drainage system, which would affect the entire project. An ill-fitted drainage system causes wastewater to accumulate under the flooring, which causes clogging, odor and health hazards. Jayna has a wide range of shower floor drains are ideal for homes, hotels, malls and other structures.

  • Point drains 

Point drains are commonly seen in the showers, located in the middle while the floor gently slopes down to the drain. Choose square drain grates over round ones to match with the square tiles, and the installer wouldn’t have to make round cuts to fit the drain.

Use smaller tiles in this case as they should sit flat on the sloping floor, but you can choose smaller tiles for the bathroom area. Square tiles sit well between the drain and tiles, which makes cleaning easier. Also, circle point drains are easy to clean. Jayna floor drains are insect-proof, prevent clogging and odor and come with a drainer.

  • Linear drains

Jayna, linear drains are longer and narrower. Adding style to any wet room, they have become popular among new home and hotel-owners. They are usually installed along one wall of the shower, and the floor slopes evenly towards the drain. One of the best things about using linear drains is that you can use large tiles on the shower floor. Some homeowners like to maintain a similar design for the shower and the bathroom as it visually expands smaller spaces and creates a seamless look.

  • Style and finish

Whether you choose a linear drain or a point drain, select a grate that fits the general aesthetic of the bathroom. For example, if you have stainless steel or chrome fixtures, choose similar grates. Though there are different shapes available in the market, it is best to stick to simple squares and rounds.

  • Flow rate

The shower floor drain must match the flow rate of the showerhead to prevent flooding and clogging, and maintain hygiene. One of the best floor drain manufacturers in India, Jayna manufactures the best shower channel drains in India, which can be easily installed, and are available in different and customized sizes.

  • Tileable grates

Tileable grates adhere to a solid surface, and the water drains through the edges. The tile blends in with the shower floor and becomes almost invisible. They are easy to use and clean as dirt and bacteria do not accumulate due to an open outlet surface.

Available in linear and point drain styles, they prevent choking, odors and hidden deposits. They usually come in rectangular or square shapes, are easy to install and convenient to open. Sleek and seamless, they are used in luxury residences, hotels and wet rooms.

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