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How to Backup Office 365 Email via Secure Software?

How to Backup Office 365 Email via Secure Software?

Summary: Are you looking for the perfect solution to save your Office 365 by creating a backup copy of them? This write-up will answer you with the manual and the professional third-party software to backup Office 365 email locally.

Creating backups for the data is a normal activity for most users. However, many Office 365 still believe that Microsoft is responsible for taking care of their data. The real fact is that no one will be answerable if you lose your data. It is of utmost importance to backup Office 365 emails so that you can lose your crucial data. Even multiple users have a question that they can take back up of such large data.

Keeping the data safer can make you free from many problems. This blog will highlight some reasons and the reliable solution which can help to create a copy of your Office 365 data.

Common Reasons for taking the backup of Office 365 data

Some users have a myth that no one can harm their data as it saves on the cloud server. However, it is not true any situation can make you suffer from a data loss. User does not only need to backup Office 365 emails only to avoid data loss situation but taking backing also has other benefits. We have listed some of them to make the user aware of such instances.

  • Creating the copy of the Office 365 data locally into the file format like PST helps recover user data during data loss situations.
  • To access the data even if the cloud server is down for maintenance.
  • Office 365 user cannot access their data without an internet connection; to make them accessible at all times, it is better to back up the data into PST files.
  • A virus attack on the system can make the user data inaccessible, another reason for the backup.

All the above reasons create a sense of creating the backup file of the user Office 365 data. After that, every user looks to backup Office 365 email but they may face difficulties while looking for the backup solution.

One question that could arise in most of the user’s minds “what are the available methods to take the backup of the O365 data?

There are several methods through which taking Office 365 data is possible. Let’s explore some of them.

Different Manual Solutions to backup Office 365 user data

If it does not have the large data to be backed up, then you can utilize the free Office 365 backup solution. However, the native solution will create many problems while creating backup of large data. Moreover, to have a understanding of them we will explain some manual methods to create the Office 365 data backup.

  • Using Outlook Application
  • Through e Discovery Method

Method: 1 Through MS Outlook

Before starting the backup process using Outlook, the user must ensure that all Office 365 mailboxes must be synched with the Outlook account. After completing this pre-requisite, the user can process the next backup procedure.

  1. First, open Outlook in your system and click on the file tab; then, choose the Import/Export option.
  2. After selecting the Export to a file option from the Import/Export wizard, you must proceed further.
  3. Next, click on the Outlook data file option.
  4. You can choose the target location to save the resultant backup file from here. After selecting, click on the Finish button.
  5. There is an option to secure the PST file with a password. Users can create the password-protected PST file. After that, click the OK button to start the process.

Content Search E Discovery Method to backup Microsoft 

Using the content e-Discovery search method, the users can create a new search, and after finding the mailboxes, they can look to export them in a PST file format. The first and foremost step in this method to backup Office 365 emails is to provide the necessary permission, create new search requests, and export Office 365 mailboxes into the PST file format.

Limitations of the Office 365 Manual Backup Solution

If we talk about the effectiveness of the manual methods to make the backup copy of the Office 365 data, they come with many drawbacks. Some of them include the inefficiency of running multiple backup jobs simultaneously. Also, they can create data duplicity, and the non-technocrat will face many difficulties operating them due to a lack of technical knowledge.

These are various disadvantages of choosing the manual backup method. To avoid them, the user needs to look for some better alternatives like the third-party software which help to backup Office 365 emails while giving surety to maintain the data integrity of the resultant backup file data.

An Overview of Shoviv Office 365 Backup Tool

It is a highly advanced and recommended tool to backup Office 365 emails into a file format such as MBOX, PST, and many more. Any user, whether a user or an Office 365 admin, can operate this utility to backup complete organization mailboxes. This Office 365 email backup software delivers the result in less time due to its good data processing speed.

Users can run this software on any Windows Operating System. This tool allows users to take backup immediately and schedule the periodic backup into different time frames. It also makes sure to restrict any duplicate data while taking backup. There are various other functionalities this Office 365 backup tool provides, including the filter option to add or remove any data, a set timer for the larger item, an incremental backup feature to resume the halted backup process, and many more.

Users can test all the above-listed features by utilizing its free demo version. Its demo version permits backing up the first 50 items from each folder.


One of the most important jobs for the Office 365 admin is to create a backup of all data. As various risks can harm the data, it is always better to take precautions in order to deal with them. The aim of this write-up is to provide you with a way to backup Office 365 emails securely. The manual methods discussed above are quite long and have many limitations, so it will be better if you use the alternative method explained in this blog.




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