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How Long Should Your kids Ride in a Stroller

There is no age limit for baby strollers. Some babies will not be able to use them when they can walk. Some babies may still be using them when they are five or six years old. This should be decided according to personal circumstances. Advice: however, it is recommended that the baby carriage can be used at the age of 4, and then not used. This is more conducive to the growth and health of the baby.

The situation of each baby is different. Most babies will leave when they are more than one year old, so they don’t use it very much. However, when they go out, they usually take them out for a week and a half and sometimes push them. Sometimes the baby has to hold the old man and can’t move it. According to the baby’s growth and use, the baby carriage can be divided into many kinds. It is mainly based on the carrying capacity as the standard, and the general test standard is 9 to 15 kg. A typical pram can last about four to five years.

How to choose stroller at different ages

Choice for 0-1 year olds: purchase tall baby / children’s cart (high view).

Reasons: 1, because the automobile exhaust pollution is serious, and all of them sink to 35 cm near the road surface. 2. If the baby sits very low, it is the biggest victim. Car exhaust can affect the baby’s brain development and intellectual damage.

Suggestion: the baby less than 1 or 6 months old, or need to ride for a long time, it is better to lie down. Because the baby is still very delicate, lying flat is the most healthy position. 2. Parents with cars should consider using baby safety baskets for their babies. In this way, it can ensure the safety of driving, and do not worry about disturbing the baby’s sleep (babies under 1 year old usually sleep most of the time). 3. In this way, parents are advised to purchase top rated baby strollers with large wheel and high-speed models. If possible, it is better to match the flat sleeping basket and the baby safety basket.

1-2.5-year-old babies: Luxury Baby / children’s stroller can be purchased.

Reasons: 1, because the baby of this age often refuses to fasten the seat belt on the baby carriage, and is lively and active. 2. It’s easy to fall off when you sit on a big wheel. Children’s buggies are usually soft and comfortable. They are light in weight and moderate in height. They are easy for babies to climb up and down by themselves.

2.5-4-year-old babies: it is recommended to buy small wheel portable children’s cart. Reasons: 1, the baby is more and more strong, the comfort requirements of the baby carriage are reduced, and the travel frequency is increased. 2. With the increase of baby’s weight, it is better to reduce the weight of cart and facilitate the implementation. 3. When the old man or mother takes the baby to play alone, the baby carriage is light in weight, so it is convenient to go up and down the steps, the car and the subway. 4. It is also important whether the baby carriage is easy to fold. When a mother is alone, her energy is scattered, and she needs to fold the baby stroller as soon as possible and take the bus or go up and down the stairs.

Precautions for use of baby carriage

1. The crosswalk must be used, and it must be passed when the green light is on: it is very early to set an example for the baby to behave. When waiting for the green light, don’t push the cart off the road in a hurry. Let the cart wait on the sidewalk. If there are no traffic lights, first look for traffic on the road. Then adults themselves first off the road to observe, leaving the cart on the sidewalk, always holding the cart.

2. Don’t push the baby stroller on the road. Don’t push the baby pram for a walk on the road with lots of cars, because the car exhaust pipe is just about the same height as the cart, which will make the baby inhale more exhaust gas. Try to avoid the construction site, which is dusty and unsafe. Of course, also pay attention not to choose the time to push the cart out of the door, when the traffic is heavy, easy to cause accidents, and the air is not good.

3. If there is no sidewalk, walk close to the motorway. If there is no sidewalk, you should walk on the side near the motorway, so that you can find the traffic in time. Similarly, the driver can see you immediately and slow down. This rule also applies to relatively narrow roads. If you want to turn, your body should be on the outside when you turn.

4. Up and down the steps, ask for help, if no one offers to help you, be sure to ask for help yourself, don’t be embarrassed. Ask him to hold on to the support rail in the direction of baby’s foot. You hold the handle of the cart, keep it horizontal, and gently lift the cart.

5. Check the safety of the car before going out, check the performance of all parts of the baby car to ensure that the baby car is fully unfolded, all parts are clamped and the brake performance is good.

6. Avoid bumpy roads. Don’t push them to uneven roads, because the car will bump up and down, swing left and right, which makes the baby feel very uneasy. At the same time, the unstable environment may also cause harm to the baby.
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